Thanksgiving Craft – Turkey Countdown

Thanksgiving-Turkey-Countdown-(3)My kids wanted to make some Thanksgiving crafts for fun this month.  We just crafted this little fella to help us count down the days until Thanksgiving.

His body is a simple circle, traced from a dinner plate.  We then freehand cut a thin figure eight head, a beak, and a little red gobbler.  We stacked five colors of construction paper up and freehand cut all five sheets at a time to make the feathers.  We added wiggly eyes too.  His legs were made by tracing our ruler’s width on yellow and orange construction paper, then cutting along the tracing lines to create paper strips that became links.  We made as many links as there are days until Thanksgiving.


I just love those long legs!  They’ll be shrinking though.  We’ll tear off one link each day until Thanksgiving is here.  He will hang on our schoolroom wall near our calendar.  The kid in charge of calendar for the morning will also be in charge of leg shrinkage duty.  Then my pre-schooler will be responsible for counting the remaining links each day to let us know how many more days until Thanksgiving.  He’s working on counting practice each morning, and this will be a perfect little practice session for him.

Thanksgiving-Turkey-Countdown-(2)Are you counting down the days?  Do you have any other fun Thanksgiving crafts in the works?

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