Thanksgiving Turkey Poems With Activities

Learn some turkey poems this autumn.  Usually when we learn poetry we do some kind of fun activity with the poem, then we also like to write the poem out on sheets of paper and illustrate them to help us remember the words.    Typically there will be small illustrations mixed in with the words as reminders.  My kids all have half sheet size memorization books that they write down the verses, poems, lists, and quotes that they’ve memorized in.  


After each poem is written and illustrated we like to make a project to go along with the poem.  And while we make the project, we continue memorizing.  The whole time we work we say the poems over and over together out loud, usually in a sing-songy type of rhythm.  My kids memorize all sorts of things this way.  Here are two cute Thanksgiving poems with activities to do as you memorize them.  

The Turkey Is A Funny Bird

The turkey is a funny bird,
Its head goes BOBBLE, BOBBLE
And all he knows is just one word,
And that is GOBBLE, GOBBLE!

The rhyming in that poem is so fun.  Mostly because BOBBLE & WOBBLE are such fine words!

See if you can finish these rhymes:

My plate is full . . . Better get my _______.

I love to eat . . . it is such a ________!

Thanksgiving is coming.  I’m so happy I’m __________.

Now make up your own rhyming Thanksgiving poem.

If There Were No Turkey

Turkey, Turkey look at you.
Please be careful what you do!
Thanksgiving Day is almost here.
We eat turkey every year.
Go and hide out in the woods.
We’ll eat pizza like we should!

Once you’ve memorized the poem, pull out your writer’s notebook.  In your writer’s notebook, make a list of all the things you’d want on your Thanksgiving table if there were no turkey.  I can think of quite a few!

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with food, family, fun, and some turkey poems!  And don’t forget to follow us!  We love our readers and Layers of Learning families!

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