The Best Math Teacher I Ever Had – A Message For New Homeschool Moms

New homeschool moms often worry that they won’t be able to teach their kids all they need to know because they don’t know enough themselves.

“I’ve never been a good speller.”

“I can’t remember anything from high school.”

“I’m no good at math.”

They feel inadequate. They come asking for advice.  And I tell them about the best math teacher I ever had.

The best math teacher I ever had was terrible at math.  She hated it, in fact.  And most of all, she hated that her math teachers were so good at it.  You see, someone who just intrinsically understands something isn’t necessarily the best person to teach it.  Sometimes things come so naturally to people that they just can’t explain them.  The best math teacher I ever had realized their were a lot of kids out there who felt just like she did – dumb at math.  Math was so hard for her that she made it her mission in life to make math seem fun and easy.  She didn’t learn the BEST way to teach addition; she learned 10 different ways to teach it.  She realized that different people learn differently and there isn’t always a best way.  Maybe most importantly, she realized that kids don’t care if you have all the answers; they just care if you care enough to keep at it with them until they understand.

Here I am with my two oldest in our early homeschooling days.  Seems like so long ago!
Here I am with my two oldest in our early homeschooling days. Seems like so long ago!

So the best math teacher I ever had definitely taught me a lot about math, but she also taught me a great deal more.  I learned that I don’t have to be stellar at every subject to teach it; I just have to be willing to always be learning right alongside my kids.  I learned that kids learn a lot of different ways and that just because something makes sense to me doesn’t mean it makes sense to everyone else.  I learned that passion is as important as content knowledge.

No one in the world loves your kids like you do.  No one in the world loves my kids like I do.  I’m their mom.  I care so much about them that I would give anything to see them happy and successful.  It doesn’t matter what else I do or do not know.  Together, we can learn anything.  It took me a long time to really develop the confidence in myself that it takes to be a homeschool mom.  I plugged along anyway, something bumbling through things a bit.  Don’t give up because of your own stumbles or inadequacies.  Even if you don’t KNOW enough, trust that you LOVE enough to teach them.

We can teach anything to our kids if we care enough!

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  1. Thanks for this timely reminder! I've enjoyed learning along with my daughter in the things I've forgotten or never had. Especially like the last line of this post ….."I can teach anything to my kids if I care enough!"

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