Tissue Box Turkey Craft

For Thanksgiving, make this tissue box turkey craft as a decoration or grateful box.


Here are the supplies you need: empty tissue boxes, glue, wiggly eyes, and colorful paper cut into feathers, and brown paper cut into a turkey body.  We just freehand cut the shapes using card stock.  The feathers are about 8 inches long, cut the length of the short sides of pieces of card stock.  They don’t need to perfect or symmetrical.  We just roughly made the body the size of our tissue box with the head sticking up a little bit higher.


Spread glue on one side of the tissue box in a triangle as shown:

Turkey-Tissue-Box-Craft-(4)Then stick your turkey body down to the box.

Turkey-Tissue-Box-Craft-(5)Turn the box over and glue your feathers down one at a time on the other side, so they are overlapping.  We raised ours a bit higher on the box, about halfway up, so they would stick up.


We let ours dry for a few minutes while we cut out the beak and made little bow ties and gobblers.


Then stick your face parts on, including the pieces you cut and the wiggly eyes.


Turkey-Tissue-Box-Craft-(9)Then your tissue box turkey craft is done!

Tissue-Box-Turkey-Craft-(3)They make great little Turkey Day decorations.  Since the box is hollow they are also perfect for writing little thankful slips on and putting them in there.  Have everyone write down things they are thankful for and drop them right into the turkey.  On Thanksgiving pull out all the slips people have written and read them out loud.


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