Tom Turkey, A Turkey Craft and Gratitude Poem

Tom Turkey (17)

For some Thanksgiving fun, read “It’s Tough To Be A Turkey” and then make your very own Tom Turkey craft.  You may even want to memorize the poem.

It’s Tough To Be A Turkey

It’s tough to be a turkey
Who’s plain old boring brown.
Please count your many blessings
And turn my life around.
A feather for each blessing
Will make a brighter me.
And every color will reveal
How grateful you can be.

To make Tom, you’ll need to grab the printable Tom Turkey.  You’ll also need a variety of colors of paint chips, crayons, scissors, brads, and a hole punch.  Cut out Tom Turkey and color him.

Tom Turkey (3)

Tom Turkey (5)Next, put his paint chip tail on by punching holes in the bottom of the paint chips and also in the bottom center of Tom Turkey.

Tom Turkey (8)Tom Turkey (14)If you’d like you can learn the rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) or learn about patterns as you do this.  Or you can just put up whatever colors you fancy that day. Then stick a brad through and fan his tail feathers out.  As you fan each feather out, tell a blessing you have that you are thankful for.

Tom Turkey (10)Tom Turkey (12)

And there is your Tom Turkey craft!  For even more Thanksgiving fun, check out the Layers of Learning holidayopedia!

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