Circle Books for Turning Points in History

I wanted a way to show the turning points in the history of our state to introduce the idea of “turning points” and to help my kids learn more about our state history. So I found this amazing post about these circle books and remade it into circle books for turning points in history.

circle books for turning points in history

Because this project requires quite a bit of fine motor control as well as reading and research, it is best for kids in 5th grade and up or as a collaborative project with a younger and older child or a younger child and a parent.

circle books for turning points in history

Turning Points

A turning point is an event that significantly changes the direction of history. I wanted my kids to read about the history of Idaho, our state, and identify some turning points in the history of Idaho.  For example, the United States’ purchase and exploration of the Louisiana Territory was a turning point in that region of the world.  It dramatically changed the direction of the western part of North America, including Idaho.

To show off these turning points in a crafty way we made circle books.  This limited the number of turning points to just four so that the kids were forced to really narrow history to the four most significant (in their opinion) events in the history of the state.

Circle Book

Start by printing out four copies of the circle book printable for each child.  We printed ours on card stock, but regular printer paper should work too.  We choose bright colors for ours, but any colors or white work well also.

Turning points in history circle book
Click on the image to go to the pdf.

Cut out each circle.  Then fold along the perpendicular lines, each in a mountain fold.  Next fold along the 45 degree line in a valley fold.  Make your folds nice and crisp.  Do this for each circle.

circle books for turning points in history

Push the ends of the 45 degree lines together so you get a triangle shaped piece with the folded parts on the inside.

Glue each of the folded circles together, one on top of the other.  This makes your book.

circle books for turning points in history

Put a title on one end of the book.  You can decorate it too if you like.

circle books for turning points in history

Open each page in turn and draw illustrations and write sentences about the four turning points you have identified.  Crafty kids can use paper (scrapbook, colorful, or whatever) to create scenes inside each page.

circle books for turning points in history

The whole book can be glued onto another sheet of card stock and put in a notebook or just kept as a separate book.

Additional Layers

The concept of “turning points” can be applied to many different historical topics, not just states.  You could do turning points in the history of:

  • A country
  • A famous person
  • Your own life or your family’s history
  • Baseball or another sport
  • A cultural practice like entertainment or clothing
  • Politics like voting or democracy

You could also use the circle books for other topics like four principles of art or four ways to recycle . . . or whatever.

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