5 Senses Writing Activity

Writing descriptively can be challenging for budding authors, but this 5 senses writing activity will be just the ticket.  Simply try suggesting they add in details using their 5 senses.  For example, you could ask them to write about what autumn is like and they will probably struggle and come up with a few things they see like leaves changing colors and falling down. Next, try asking them to describe it using every one of their five senses. . .


What does autumn smell like?

Spicy pumpkin pie, fresh breezes, and Mom’s hot cocoa

What does autumn look like?

Bright yellow, vibrant red, and orange leaves; pumpkins on porches, and jackets all around

What does autumn sound like?

Whooshing breezes, doorbells and trick-or-treaters asking for candy

What does autumn feel like?

Cold and breezy, fresh, warm when I’m snuggled in my bed at night

What does autumn taste like?

Gooey cinnamon rolls, warm soup, and sticky caramel apples

You are bound to awaken more vivid details that will create images and meaning as kids write if you simply remind them to use their senses!  Divide a paper into five sections and have them write about a sense in each of the boxes.

This works well when describing almost anything, but here’s a list of the kinds of things kids can describe using 5 senses writing to get you started:

  • seasons
  • holidays
  • an outing to the movies, the zoo, the park
  • getting an oil change or a car wash
  • a family vacation
  • your birthday
  • a music lesson
  • a sports game

When we start truly paying attention as writers, we can bring those details to life for our readers.

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