Valentine’s Chocolate Box Cupcakes

Making and decorating cupcakes is one of our favorite family activities.  We’ve been doing it as a family night activity at least a few times a year for ages.  Here are a few of our creations.


You would think with all these years under our belts we’d turn out some pretty awesome cupcakes, but no, we are not professionals; I doubt I needed to tell you that.  We aren’t even really Pinterest-worthy.  In fact, I didn’t take the following pictures to share with you at all.  They were for our family album, never to be shared with anyone. But darn it, we had so much fun that I had to let you in on it even if it means getting over a bit of embarrassment on my part AND offering up several confessions along the way.

For Valentine’s Day we thought we’d decorate cupcakes and then put them in a leftover heart-shaped chocolate box to make them look like oversized Valentine’s chocolates.  Oh, for cute, right?


We baked up some cupcakes earlier in the day so they’d be nice and cool.  Then we got pink, red, white, and brown frosting and plenty of decorating sugars and goodies, plus some little heart toothpicks.

Don’t look too closely though.  See, we weren’t going for picture perfect, we were going for fun.  And fun we had.

Making-Valentine's-Cupcakes-(7)Pay no attention to the kid licking frosting off his fingers and then continuing to decorate without washing his hands.  Or to the toddler who clearly has more frosting and sprinkles on him than all the cupcakes combined.  I’m not even sure what he’s putting in his mouth there.

And lest you failed to notice the cheesehead hat in the former picture, here’s one more for your viewing pleasure.


No, I can’t explain it.  We’ve never even been to Wisconsin and I’m not sure what the Packers have to do with making Valentine’s Day cupcakes.  I also can’t explain why we’re all wearing our pajamas for family night.

See why I thought twice about sharing this positively lovely Valentine Chocolate Box cupcake decorating idea?


It was messy, and perhaps even unhygienic, but it was sure fun.  And I promise we didn’t deliver any of these to the neighbors.


Somehow my husband managed to come out of it rather unscathed.  But not me.

Cupcake-Chocolates-(2)No, I don’t have a gray streak.  Yes indeed, that is frosting in my hair.

I’ve gotta say though, this was such a fun and unforgettable family night.  We love our cupcake tradition!  Just know that if you plan to have this much fun making Valentine Chocolate Box Cupcakes for family night, you’d better make sure you have plenty of time afterwards for baths before bedtime.

Hope you’ll come follow us on social media to get to know me, Karen, and my sister, Michelle, even better.  We love homeschooling, we love our families, and we love to share all we do with you.  Hope to see you there.  Oh, and be sure to check out our catalog page to see the curriculum we wrote for our family-style homeschool.  We’re pretty sure you’ll love it like we do.

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