Valentine’s Table Runner

We love holidays.  No two ways about that.  For each one that comes along, we craft, we cook, and we party.  We have great family holiday traditions that have helped us grow close as a family and create awesome memories.  One of our traditions is to have a family Valentine’s dinner.  My husband and I make room for lots of date nights and couple time, but on Valentine’s Day it’s a whole family affair.  We exchange Valentine’s we’ve made, have a fancy dinner, and just share the love around.  I’ve been planning our theme dinner for this year, but I asked my girls to pitch in and come up with a cute table runner for a centerpiece.  They put their heads together and crafted this:

Tissue-Paper-Heart-Table-Runner-(8)For our dinner we’ll put a red tablecloth under it and have pink, white, and red dishes too.  I love how it turned out.

Instructions for Valentine’s Table Runner

Here’s what they did:


They started by taping together two sheets of 18″ x 12″ white construction paper to serve as the base of the table runner.  Then they cut out lots and lots of tissue paper hearts.


They cut out light pink, hot pink with sparkles, white, and red hearts of all sizes.  I told them to throw in a few turquoise ones, but my oldest daughter, a stickler of a traditionalist, refused any “NON-VALENTINE’S COLOR INTRUDERS.”  We stuck with traditional.  I’d hate to be intruded upon.

They started by gluing down large hearts on the bottom layer, in an overlapping, crooked way.


Then they placed smaller hearts all over in every direction.  When the tissue paper hearts overlap it creates a neat overlay effect.  Use as little glue as possible.  The tissue paper doesn’t need much glue to hold it in place, and it gets soggy easily, so use glue sparingly.


They found it looked cute to place the smallest ones in little groups of three or more.


By the end, they created this.  The glue continues to dry and become ever more transparent.


The girls did a great job and loved being in charge of this big assignment for our big dinner coming up!  Can’t wait until they find out what else is in store!

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