Halloween Wax Resist Art

Artists often use “tricks” to make their work look unique or take on unusual properties.  Let kids try out this cool wax resist technique.  It incorporates art skills that even young children have, but creates a really unique look.


  • black paint
  • foam brush
  • water in a small bowl or cup
  • paper
  • crayons
  • color wheel (optional)

Making Wax Resist Art

First, review the color wheel a bit.  Mostly discuss which colors are cool and which are warm, and have each kid choose one or the other.  In that color scheme, they will draw a simple picture, pressing down hard with the crayons.


The key is to REALLY PRESS HARD.  The more wax you transfer to the page, the better!  Next, quickly paint over the drawing with a thin black paint wash (put a few drops of water in a small squirt of paint and stir it to mix it well).


Use quick and light strokes and go over the whole paper.  The wax will resist the paint, so it won’t stick!  We liked running a paper towel over the top of the painted surface to help even out the paint and remove any excess.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler. . .

One really neat trick that you can try is using white crayon for part of your scene.  Here’s a haunted house, but it isn’t too haunted . . . yet!


Now check it out!


When I painted over it with black, the ghosts seem to appear out of nowhere!  That’s the magic of drawing with white crayons.

The colors turn out absolutely vivid and beautiful.



Additional Layer:

You can also change the paint color for different looks in different scenes.  Maybe you could make a wax resist painting of:

  • The starry sky
  • An aquarium or under the ocean scene
  • A farm
  • A shape (like a heart, diamond, or star)
  • A mountainscape
  • A camping scene

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