Cool Ideas for Book Projects

My kids greatly prefer book projects to boring old book reports.  Here are some they did recently.

Garrett, five, did this book project last week. He read Wheels! by Annie Cobb.

For his project he thought of other places we use wheels, places not mentioned in the book, and he made his own book.


First he drew pictures of each of the wheels he thought of.  Here’s my favorite: pizza wheels!Pizza Wheel in Wheels Book ProjectThen I scanned each of his pictures into the computer, cropped it, and inserted it into a document I made for his book.

On each page I used a handwriting instruction font to write the words he needed to include.

I printed out his book, added a cover and sewed it together.  Then he wrote the words, tracing over the handwriting practice font.

Finally, Garrett had to read and present his book in front of the audience of his family.

Reading his Wheels BookHere are some other book projects done by Garrett’s big brothers:

CJ made a rocket shaped paper and wrote rocket facts he learned from his book, Rockets and Spaceships, on the back of it.

Rocket-Book-ProjectTim did an incredible job creating this Viking Longhouse from cardboard after reading Rover by Jackie French.

Longhouse model book projectNathan made a castle gate and then wrote about the castle of St. Alquis, describing its situation and the arrangements inside the castle walls after reading Life on a Mediaeval Barony by William Stearnes Davis.

Nathan's-Medieval-Lego-Book-ProjectAnd the universal favorite book project was by Isaac.  He read a book of nursery rhymes, memorized “The Muffin Man,” wrote out a chocolate chip muffin recipe, and then baked the muffins to share for his book project.  Hint: Make Mom something chocolate and you’ll snag an “A” every time.

Muffin Man Book Project

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