Where I Live In The Solar System

Young kids can have a hard time understanding multiple layers of location. Make a nesting book to show “Where I Live In the Solar System.”

The book will have six pages and a cover. Each page will be progressively larger than the last so that the levels of your “address” can be seen in one glance. Use heavy paper or card stock for a sturdier book.  Here are the six pages in order, use these words or similar ones of your own.

  1. Cover: Where I Live by ________________ .
  2. I live in this house.
  3. My house is in the city of ______________ .
  4. My house and my city are in the state of _______________ .
  5. My house, my city and my state are in the country of ______________ .
  6. My house, my city, my state, and my country are on the planet Earth.
  7. My house, my city, my state, my country, and my planet are in the solar system.

Here is a printable Where I Live Book to make it a bit easier.

The words are printed at the bottom of each page, and the title of that page at the top with a gray line above the title.  Cut along the gray line on each page.

Have your child illustrate each page.  Encourage your child to fill the whole page with color.  This is a pretty big project so you probably will want to do just one or two pages each day as you talk about the page and look at maps and pictures.  After you finish the pages, bind it with glue along the spine or sew up the side with a sewing machine.

Additional Layers

  • This leads very naturally into the other planets of the solar system.
  • Can you draw your state free-hand, without looking?  Practice until you can.
  • People live in country houses, high rise apartments, studios, and mansions.  They live in tiny towns and huge cities.  Talk about some of the places other kids live in.
  • Keep this book and others you make yourself and have beginning readers do some of their practice on the books they wrote themselves.

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