Writing Letters To Santa

Getting kids to write this week should be easy! It’s the perfect time of year for writing letters to Santa, and it shouldn’t be too hard to get little ones motivated to finish this writing assignment. Make sure their letters include the date, a greeting, the main body of the letter, and also a closing.


What To Put In A Letter to Santa

Here are some fun things to include in your letter –

  • Tell Santa how good you’ve been this year. You may even want to give him some specifics!
  • Use good manners – pleases and thank you’s go a long way to getting you on the nice list.
  • Choose one or two things you want most.  Think about it and don’t just give him a long list of fifty or so wishes.  Be thoughtful and think about what you’d really like most.
  • Remind Santa about a gift for someone else (your parents, a friend, or a sibling) who may not have written to Santa.
  • Let him know you’ll have cookies and milk waiting for him on Christmas.
  • Draw Santa a picture. Maybe you can draw him in his sleigh or by your tree.  Maybe you can draw your favorite reindeer or an elf at the North Pole.
  • Give it to your parents to mail.

A couple of tidbits for parents or teachers

Even bigger and “wiser” kids can have fun using their imaginations with this writing project.  You can treat it just as you would a simulated letter from a pioneer heading out west or an astronaut landing on Mars.  Imagination in writing is often more important than reality.

Sadly, the USPS will no longer be automatically delivering letters to Santa.  Read this AP article  or more on this unfortunate development. That leaves it up to you to make the rest of the magic happen.  There are Santa services out there, but a well placed return letter from you will work just as well!  Remember, the joy of sending a letter is getting a response!

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