Yarn Stamping

The printing press revolutionized the world because it allowed information to be readily dispersed among people; even the poor, common people could become educated.   Even before Gutenberg though, prints were made.  You can create your own simple printmaking technique using wood blocks, yarn, and paint.  It’s called yarn stamping.


To make your yarn stamp, start by wrapping a length of the yarn around the wood block.  Your pattern will be determined by the design the yarn makes, so be intentional about your design.  At the end, tie the yarn off.  We used several different wood blocks and wrapped the yard differently on each one.

Now pour a bit of paint on a paper plate, dip the block in, and then begin printing.  I found it worked best if I did one print on a scrap paper or the paint plate tray to remove a bit of excess paint, then I could use the stamp 6 or 7 times before needing to reload paint on it.


Experiment with designs and repeating patterns.  You could also have fun with various paint colors.


When our paint was dry we also used colorful pens to add ink designs interspersed with our stamps.  Here’s one we did:


We ended up making around 10 different stamps and had a fridge covered with cool, unique stamped art.  We also made a giant design on butcher paper to use as wrapping paper.  It was a total hit at our house.  Hope you give yarn stamping a try.



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