A Christmas Creative Writing Elf Adventure

Ready for some most excellent Christmas creative writing?  Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean we should quit thinking and learning.  Meld a bit of Christmas cheer into the ol’ school assignments and you’ll have willing little learners, excited little learners even!

Try this simple Christmas creative writing assignment.  You’ll be finding out your elf name, coloring your elf and his or her Christmas tree, and then writing an elf adventure story.  Use this free printable to accomplish it all!  Go ahead, find out what your elf name is.  And get those gears turning about what your elf adventure will be . . . starring yourself as an elf!

My Elf Name - a writing activity

My elf name is Cookie Angel-Pants.  I haven’t finished my story yet, but I already know it will involve delivering goodies to other North Pole residents on the snowmobile.  Oh, and also a large polar bear who wants to have all those treats to himself.

Find out what your elf name is and create your own story.  You can use the elf picture as a boy, or add braids to it and it will become a girl elf.  Hope you have a fun time with this Christmas creative writing assignment.   Check out our holidayopedia for lots more Christmas learning fun!


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