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Curriculum For Curious Families

Layers of Learning is homeschool curriculum designed to let you learn together, all ages, all at once.  Read real books, do hands-on projects, watch videos, have family discussions.  Have glorious fun exploring the world together! Get Started With Year One

Layers of Learning subjects include


history lessons

History dives in chronologically and is divided into four big periods: ancient, medieval, colonial, and modern.


globe of earth

Geography explores map skills and studies of continents and countries around the world including maps and cultures.


science icon

Science experiments with the study of earth science and astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics.

The Arts

arts palette

Arts creates with poetry, painting, music, sculpture, folk art, and plays. Kids learn about artists and practice creative skills.


Writer's Workshop Icon

Learn to write everything from poetry and stories to reports and letters in bite sized daily lessons that teach the writing process.

Layers of Learning is easy to use and tremendously flexible. Here’s how each unit works:

Step 1


Library Research

Start with an expedition to your library to find great books. Use the lists provided in each unit book for top titles. Then use the search terms to discover your own great finds.

Read, read, read!

Step 2

Mom working with girls painting


Next, explore what you’ve learned with hands on projects you select from among the many choices in each unit. The whole family can dig into the learning together.

Step 3

Kids working on Book of Years

Show What You Know

Finish up by completing a writing assignment. Each unit gives lots of ideas for fun writing projects and presentations for your family group or individuals to display their prowess.

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Everything You’ll Need For a Whole Year of Homeschool Adventure

Year One

Hands on explorations in history, geography, science, and art.


A planning guide for the mentor that coordinates with Layers of Learning curriculum.

Book of Years

A family timeline to build together as you study history.

Writer’s Workshop

Writing instruction and practice for the whole family in one fun program.

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