Fun holiday crafts and printables for your homeschool.

New Year’s

Here are a few ideas to spice up your homeschool to celebrate New Year’s this year.

Valentine’s Day

Spice up your homeschool this Valentine’s Day with these lovey, heart-riddled ideas for fun and learning.

colored easter eggs


Spice up your homeschool at Easter time with these fun, engaging ways to learn about Easter.


Here are some fun activities to spice up your homeschool at Halloween. Origami Bats Making origami bats is really easy.  Start with a piece of square, black paper. 1. Fold the square of black paper in half on the diagonal and make a nice, crisp crease. 2. Fold down the top 2 inches of the …

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Here are some ideas to spice up your homeschool at Thanksgiving time. Countdown! Craft a creative turkey with linked legs to help you count down the days until Thanksgiving. Begin with a link for each day between now and Thanksgiving. Tear off a link each day until they are gone and the big day is …

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Here are some ideas to spice up your homeschool at Christmas time. Christmas Scattergories In case you haven’t played before, the rules for Scattergories are really simple.  Start by choosing a letter and putting time on the clock.  For bigger kids, one minute is usually long enough, but when my little ones are playing we …

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Birthday Cupcake


Use a printable form to interview your child on his or her birthday. Put it away until they are grown! It will be a treasured keepsake.

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