Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop is all about engaging writing exercises and projects that let young writers discover their voice in freedom.  Also, this is a whole family endeavor.  Everybody writes and fills journals, presents, shares, and helps one another improve as writers in a supportive environment.  Try some Writer’s Workshop exercises now.

Blueberry Muffin

Writing Instructions with Blueberry Muffins

Bake some blueberry muffins as you learn how to use precise language to write instructions your readers can replicate. Recipes are a great set of instructions to learn this writing skill with.

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Get a Free Printable 5-Page Tabbed Booklet

Write your own five-tabbed booklet about a topic of your choice. There are two templates available to help you show what you know.

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Writing Narrations

Writing narrations is a perfect way to dovetail writing in your homeschool with history, geography, science, and art. Family school is easier when you can combine some of the subjects and learn together!

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Biography Notebooking

Choose any real person, familiar or famous, and create your own biography notebooking pages about their life and accomplishments.

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Create a quadrama and get your crafty kids invested in writing a report!

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Persuading is like Fishing

Persuasive Essays

Writing a persuasive essay is a lot like fishing. First, you have to hook your reader. Next, you reel them in with all of your evidence. Finally, you bring them right into the boat with you.

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Diamante Poems

Diamante poems are short, diamond shaped poems that follow a specific pattern. They are fun, fast, and easy to write, so they make a perfect starter poem for budding poets.

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Learning Word Roots Activities and Printables

Mastering words is part of the Word Work component of Writer’s Workshop. These activities will turn you into a root word master in no time.

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Descriptive Writing with Juicy Sentences

Learn to write sentences you can really sink your teeth into with this simple lesson about how adding details can make your descriptive writing more interesting.

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Parts of Speech Flip Book

Create your own Parts of Speech Flip Book to help you learn the parts of speech and the jobs they do in sentences. Your flip book can also become an excellent word bank to help you as you write.

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Newspaper Articles

Learn to write newspaper articles, then create your own newspaper using this printable newspaper article template.

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Five-Paragraph Essays

Five-paragraph essays are the backbone for writing reports and essays. The format and structure make them the perfect instructional essays for kids to be able to expand to any formal writing they’ll be assigned.

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