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Layers of Learning Podcast

Listen as Michelle and Karen get together to talk homeschooling.  Learn to get more organized, keep records, feel happy in your homeschooling, use Layers of Learning effectively, learn how to family homeschool, be a learner in your homeschool and not just a teacher, plus so much more.

Episode 73: Is Homeschooling Dangerous?

Is homeschooling dangerous? Should there be greater federal regulations overseeing it? In this podcast episode, we discuss the political side of homeschooling and an article by a law school professor who challenges it.

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Episode 72: A Magical Blend of Homeschooling Styles

Layers of Learning is a magical blend of Classical, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, Montessori, and unschooling, all wrapped up in a fun package for your family.

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Episode 71: Middle Grades in Homeschool

Homeschooling in the middle grades is really rewarding. This is the age when you get to build on their knowledge and make connections to themselves and the real world. They gain confidence as independence and prepare for the high school years.

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Episode 70: Listen As We Plan a Unit

Listen to this off-the-cuff planning session to hear how Michelle and Karen each plan units using Layers of Learning.

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Homeschool science lesson on brains

Episode 69: Skills Versus Content

Learn the difference between content knowledge and skills, then watch your kids flourish as you dovetail them both in your homeschool.

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Episode 68: Unit Overviews

Every Layers of Learning begins with a Unit Overview sidebar. Here are some fun suggestions for ways to use this learning tool in your homeschool!

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Young man writing at a desk

Episode 67: Sharing the Pen

Guidance for teaching emergent writers how to write by making lessons fun and interactive along with breaking down the writing process into baby steps and sharing the pen.

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Episode 66: Lessons We’ve Learned As Homeschool Moms

Listen in for lessons we’ve learned after two decades of homeschooling!

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Floor to ceiling books

Episode 65: Raising Bookworms – Our Favorite Family Read-Alouds

The single best decision we made as homeschool moms was to create a family culture of reading aloud to our kids. In this episode, we share our favorite read-alouds and what to look for in a book to help your kids become bookworms.

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Episode 64: Teaching Independence

Teaching independence in kids feels cumbersome and difficult, but there are big pay-offs. You are raising people to live their own lives, not your life, and those lessons begin when they are little. In the end, independence fosters capability, responsibility, and confidence.

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Episode 63: Sibling Relationships

Having strong, happy sibling relationships isn’t automatic, but they are possible. Listen in on how Michelle and Karen have taught their kids to be aware of each other and learn to communicate with kindness.

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Stack of books

Episode 62: Evaluating Sources

Advice on how to find and evaluate sources you learn from in your homeschool. This is especially important as your kids reach high school age and are learning to research.

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