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Layers of Learning Podcast

Listen as Michelle and Karen get together to talk homeschooling.  Learn to get more organized, keep records, feel happy in your homeschooling, use Layers of Learning effectively, learn how to family homeschool, be a learner in your homeschool and not just a teacher, plus so much more.


Episode 63: Sibling Relationships

Having strong, happy sibling relationships isn’t automatic, but they are possible. Listen in on how Michelle and Karen have taught their kids to be aware of each other and learn to communicate with kindness.

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Stack of books

Episode 62: Evaluating Sources

Advice on how to find and evaluate sources you learn from in your homeschool. This is especially important as your kids reach high school age and are learning to research.

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Episode 61: Student Journals

Student journals are a perfect way to have your kids write about what they are learning in small doses with help from prompts, printables, and their mentor. Each day they add a tiny tidbit in their journal, and over the years, it adds up to an incredible memento of all they are learning about in your homeschool.

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Teen doing an online - homeschooling in high school

Episode 60: High School in Homeschool

Homeschooling in high school can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to. With just a few adjustments to your mindset, you can help your teen find themselves as they grow into independence, prepare for college or careers, and grow through the high school years.

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Episode 59: Layers of Learning 101

Learn all about the Layers of Learning curriculum, directly from the authors. Listen to how it’s organized, what it covers, and how to adapt it to meet your family’s needs and create your dream homeschool.

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Episode 58: Library Lists

Each Layers of Learning unit begins with a Library List. The Library Lists are a resource to help you locate great resources, but it isn’t a checklist. Listen in for tips on how to acquire resources and incorporate reading in your homeschool.

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Mom and Son Planning a Homeschool Unit

Episode 57: All About Planning

Tips on homeschool planning from “Minimalist Michelle” and ” Perfectionist Planner Karen.” Hopefully, you can find a happy medium somewhere in the middle!

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Episode 56: Why You Should Teach Art

Art is the overlooked subject in the educational world, but it is so important! Listen in to find out just what an art education provides.

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Episode 55: Teaching Kids To Listen

Here are some tips for teaching kids to listen…this one skill will transform your home and your homeschool.

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Episode 54: Preventing Summer Slide

Year-round homeschooling isn’t for everyone. If you’re like us and need a break in the summer, listen in for some tips on preventing summer slide.

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preschool craft with a mouse for the letter M

Episode 53: Preschool

Are you homeschooling and wondering how to do preschool? Here are some tips for helping little learners get ready for their school years in your homeschool.

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Episode 52: The Brand-New Layers of Learning

An introduction to the brand new Layers of Learning curriculum along with answers to all of your questions.

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