Listen as Michelle and Karen get together to talk homeschooling.  Learn to get more organized, keep records, feel happy in your homeschooling, use Layers of Learning effectively, learn how to family homeschool, be a learner in your homeschool and not just a teacher, plus so much more.

Boy Writing in Composition Notebook

Episode 28: How To Plan a Writer’s Workshop Unit

A candid chat between Karen and Michelle about how the flexibility of Writer’s Workshop can streamline your lesson planning and simultaneously help your young writers grow in leaps and bounds through a series of tiny steps.

Family Collapsed and Laughing on Ground after Hammock Fell

Episode 25: Juggling Family School

Teaching lots of kids of all ages in one homeschool can be a struggle! In Episode 25, Juggling Family School, Michelle and Karen share what has worked well in their homeschools and talk about ideas for keeping everyone learning together. With a big family, it’s not always easy, but it is doable!

Episode 22: How To Handle Homeschool Critics

If you’re a homeschool parent, you’ve definitely heard criticism from others, whether strangers or neighbors or well-meaning loved ones. Michelle and Karen offer positive ways to interact with homeschool critics to diffuse tough conversations and let you continue your homeschool life without harmful confrontations.

Episode 21: Taking Part in the Great Conversation

Join Karen and Michelle to hear all about how to take part in the Great Conversation – reading, discussing, and writing about classic literature. You’ll learn how to begin with your little ones who are reading fairy tales and build up the conversations as your kids grow.

Episode 20: Teaching Resilience

Teaching resilience can help kids learn to deal with all the problems they face, whether that’s a tough math problem, losing a loved one, or facing a major change. Michelle and Karen talk about how to approach problems like a mountain to be climbed rather than a roadblock that will stop us.

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