New Homeschooler

If you’re just starting out homeschooling the articles here will help you get your feet under you and be confident in your choices moving forward. You’ll want to start with Karen’s Guide for New Homeschoolers.  The articles will lead you from there step by step through setting up your homeschool.

Join Karen, the little sister in the Layers of Learning duo, as she gets you started on the rght foot in her Guide for New Homeschoolers

New Homeschooler Guide

Welcome, New Homeschooler! I’m Karen.  I’m the little sister in the Layers of Learning duo.  I remember feeling like I was lost at sea when I started homeschooling.  I want to help you have a smoother start! I know how absolutely terrifying and overwhelming it can be to start a journey at the helm of …

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How To Begin Homeschooling

In short, you begin homeschooling at the beginning.  Your beginning may be a different place than mine.  I began when my oldest was starting kindergarten, which will look very different from the homeschooler that is beginning in the middle of 2nd grade when a reading disability is discovered, or during 5th grade when a difficult …

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Homeschooling Styles

When I started homeschooling it seemed like everyone I spoke with and every book I read talked about homeschooling styles. Everyone wants to know what “style” of homeschooler you are. Well, I wasn’t sure what style I was until I tried each one on for a bit. Here are a few that you might “try …

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Favorite Homeschool Resources

Buying homeschool curriculum and supplies is a big commitment.  It’s hard to know where to begin.  Your choices will depend on your homeschool style and your budget, so please keep those in mind with every single purchase.  So let’s walk through the process of planning and purchasing curriculum for your homeschool. Get basic supplies. Buy …

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