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On this page we'll try to answer the questions that have cropped up so far.  If you have more questions, leave a comment at the end of this page, and we'll answer as soon as possible.

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To learn more about the curriculum, go visit our Curriculum Guide.  And by all means, if you have a question we didn't answer, please feel free to contact Karen and Michelle.


One of the quickest places to get support for your questions is in the Layers of Learning Facebook Group.  You can ask Karen and Michelle as well as other users questions about Layers of Learning.

If you have questions about your order, are including personal information, or would rather keep your questions more private for any reason, you can e-mail us directly at contact@layers-of-learning.com.

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  1. Hello! This looks like a very interesting way to teach. We are new to home schooling this year. I am using the Calvert curriculum for my 4th and 7th grader. I like the concept of being able to teach both at the same time, giving additional work to the older one. I’m considering this curriculum for next year, so 5th and 8th gr, would I start with year one or year four? Thank you for your help!

  2. Is it permissible to print the PDFs if I prefer a hard copy? In the free unit I received, it mentioned asking for permission if you want to print, so I just want to be sure.

  3. Is the text in the layers of learning guide meant for the parent or student? It seems a bit to in depth for my youngest kids. I’m impressed with all the information in the guide and I understand that it is a pick and choose not do it all curriculum but I’m a bit overwhelmed with all I need to read through just to decide what to do.

    1. Hi Julie. It’s really meant for parents as a guide to help their kids. This is not a “workbook” type that kids are supposed to trudge through on their own. The little smiley faces are a good guide to help steer you to things that will match the levels of your kids. Also, the more you use it, the more quickly you’ll be able to navigate it. After using a few units I think you will find the format grows on you (at least that’s what we’ve heard a lot of customers say!).

      We usually read the introduction together and then choose a couple of explorations, but we certainly don’t do all of it. There is intended to be more there than what you would use. Try to remember that the goal of this curriculum is not to teach your kids everything there is to know about every single subject, but rather to help foster an enthusiasm and love of learning that will be lasting. We need to learn HOW TO LEARN, not have a knowledge of everything right now. Hope that helps a little bit. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything at all we can do to help as you get started. It’s a really fun way to learn and we love sharing it with people. 🙂

  4. I homeschool 4 children, raging from grade 4 to grade 9. If I were to start on Year One next year, how could I complete it with my 10th grader, since he only has 3 years to go? Would you still recommend starting on year One?

    1. If you really want your high schooler to cover all of world history and all of the basic sciences in three years (plus the art and geography) then you will probably have to cut out the topics/units that you think are less essential.

      For example, few high schoolers do much earth science so you could cut out all of those units and just cover the biology, chemistry, and physics units. In history you can just skip over or skim over the topics that are less essential. Ancient South America isn’t covered in any other curriculum we’ve ever seen so you can probably skip it without losing any cultural literacy. That’s one example.

      You should take a look at Planning Your Homeschool where Karen explains how to plan out a year (or in your case, three years) in advance so you can fit in everything you need. Pay special attention to the pacing guide description. I also recommend making a long term education plan for each of your children. This will help you define what is most important for your high schooler to be learning over the final three years in your homeschool.

      However, you can also just begin on any year you like. You do not have to start with Year One for this curriculum to work and be cohesive. Every single unit stands on its own without need for prerequisites (in a few places in the science there is foundational information needed, but we alert you to that in those places so you can catch up on the fly). Take a look at what your child has already spent a great deal of time on and compare that to the Layers of Learning topics in the Units at a Glance to help you in making those decisions.

  5. Hi there, you have a wonderful curriculum here. Wish I had seen it much earlier before I purchased another curriculum.
    I am interested in your Art Curriculum. It seems to suggest that your product is sold as a whole package. Do you just sell the Art Curriculum alone? If so, could you advise the price. Many thanks and keep up the great work…

    1. Hi Irene, our units are all sold as packages – with each of the 4 subjects presented in one book. They are in isolated sections of the book though, so you could just utilize the arts section if that’s all you wanted to use. The pdfs are pretty affordable, especially if you are buying the whole year at a time (they’re discounted about 20% when you purchase a year instead of individual units). Quite a few of our customers use just one or two of the subjects, depending on their needs.

  6. I just want to tell you ladies that you are amazing. We’ve decided to pull our 6 year old out of the public school (after a very stressful kindergarten year), and I am so grateful I stumbled upon your site. You are organized, thorough, and your writing is so clear. As a brand new homeschooler, I’ve felt overwhelmed at times, but with the help of your website and materials I feel I’m starting to get my footing.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

  7. You had a great lesson/project on Hepatia of Alexandria. I saved the link to do it with my daughter later and the link now goes to History and I cannot find it on your website. Could you tell me where I can find it? Thank you!

  8. I was wondering if you had a PDF of the Book of Timelines. I have 3 kids and was wondering if I can just purchase your content and make the books myself.

    1. Amy, No we don’t sell the book of years in that format. But we do have instructions on how you can make your own Book of Years with a spiral bound sketchbook here: https://layers-of-learning.com/book-of-years/. Then you can purchase just the timeline tags for $0.99 to add dates to the book of years if you would like.

      We originally created the printed Book of Years because so many people had trouble constructing their own (mostly getting the dating the timeline portion correct) but you can still definitely make your own.

  9. I can’t seem to log on. I tried asking for a new password but it said too many attempts (even though I only did once or twice)

    1. The server we’re on is having issues. You can still purchase as a guest and then we will manually move your order onto your account. Please email us with a request after purchase. We’re so sorry for the trouble.

  10. Nichole Jackson

    There are asterisks next to History and Science under the transcripts question. Where can I find what they are referencing? Thank you.

  11. Hi! I’m watching some of your youtube videos to learn more about how the program works and how units are planned. Do you do the various subjects each week or do you only focus on one each week? Thank you

  12. Hello! I purchased Writers Workshop, Word Work, Jump Start, etc but I cannot find the downloads for the Writer’s Helps? What are anchor charts? Etc. Thank you!!!

    1. Each unit comes with a printable pack. Is that what you mean? The link for the printable packs comes on your receipt when you purchase the unit. An anchor chart is an informational “poster”, in this case a one page sheet, that reminds students of facts or a procedure. The anchor chart will be in the printable pack unless the unit directs you to make one of your own.

      1. I do not have a printable pack with the Writer’s Workshop or Writer’s Workshop Jump Start. I purchased it on 5/23/20.

  13. Good morning. If I wanted to purchase the timeline tags only, would that be the printables option? Thanks!

  14. Are the paperback printed books spiral bound? Trying to decide between purchasing the set of paperback books or printing myself. I can’t find any specifications or pictures about how these paperback books are bound.

  15. Marliese Johnson

    Trying to create the Origami Bats. I don’t understand where you cut “the notch” for the ears??? Tried many different ways can you send an illustration or picture? I’m stumped!

  16. Do you have any blog posts or advice about how to work with the curriculum when you don’t have access to the library? I just got a few units to try out in January and it occurs to me that due to the pandemic, we cannot just go in and browse and see what catches our eye to use with the units. Thanks for your help.

    1. A lot of people have been sharing their ideas within our Facebook Group lately. The top suggestions are using some spine books when needed, utilizing the YouTube playlists that go with each unit, buying selected books from Thriftbooks.com, and taking advantage of digital resources through your library. A lot of libraries provide Hoopla, Audible, Kindle, and Epic resources, plus more in some areas. This post includes charts that show available spines and other resources that may be helpful too. Definitely not an easy time to get resources, but using a combined approach that includes these seems to be working really well for a lot of families. https://layers-of-learning.com/correlation-charts-booklists-supplement-layers-of-learning/

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