Correlation Charts, Videos, & Booklists to Supplement Layers of Learning

Layers of Learning is a complete, stand-alone curriculum, but it is also very dependent on access to library books.  We utilize our library to provide the meat of our unit readings and are really fortunate to have an excellent library system in our region.  Michelle even has an amazing librarian who brings her books nearly to her house in a Bookmobile! Sadly, not everyone has the same awesome library access.  For those who have trouble finding many of the topics in your library, there are some resources that can supplement Layers of Learning.

Amazon Store

First, we have an excellent Amazon Store with lots of fun recommended books, games, and resources if you have the budget to purchase items. Even one or two of these items a year can really spice up your homeschool and are an excellent way to supplement Layers of Learning for those hands-on learners out there.

Book Packages

We have also created a list of book packages for each Layers of Learning year.  These are a set of some of our favorite resources from the year for you to peruse.  The pdf also links to Amazon, so you can easily find and purchase the ones you like.

YouTube Playlists

Third, we have excellent YouTube playlists set up for each unit.  Follow us on YouTube and take advantage of those playlists. This free resource is a perfect way to mix things up when library books are hard to come by.

Spine Books

Finally, we highly recommend getting a few books that can act as a spine for those times you don’t have time to go to the library or when you have trouble finding books.  They are excellent for kids of all ages.  You can find our favorite spines here. Then use these handy dandy correlation charts to help you quickly match the units to the spine resources.  Choose one history, one geography, one science, and one art spine that looks most interesting to your family.  All of these are excellent choices, but you don’t need to purchase them all.

Use A Combination

We use a combination of these ideas.  Besides utilizing our library, each year we choose a few learning goodies to make our year exciting.  We did a cool pyramid dig and also painted Greek vases this year.  Each year I add a few books to our ever-growing homeschool library.  We definitely utilize the YouTube playlists and keep a spine for each subject on hand to get through busy weeks when we don’t get to the library.  We budget a bit each year to build up a rich homeschool library to explore and enjoy. Armed with these resources, you’re ready to tackle your hands-on homeschool even if library resources are hard to come by.  We also share more of our favorite homeschool resources here.  A Layers of Learning homeschool is full of variety and fun, so utilize a bit of each of these resources to supplement Layers of Learning for a terrific homeschooling adventure.

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