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Building a Layers of Learning Homeschool

Browse through articles on how to learn with your whole family together, how to do hands-on schooling, and what it means to be a parent-learner instead of a parent-teacher in your homeschool. All together this adds up to building a Layers of Learning homeschool.

Four Year Cycle

The four year cycle is a method of organizing a curriculum or school course. Students learn the entire scope of history, geography, science, and arts over a four year period, then they repeat their studies twice more before graduation.

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Comparing Classic Layers of Learning to NEW Layers of Learning

Here is a comparison between the Classic Layers of Learning, first released in 2010 and the NEW Layers of Learning first released in 2022.

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Printing Layers of Learning Units

If you purchased Layers of Learning units in the PDF form, you may want to print them, put them into a binder, and keep them together as a whole course. Psst! You don’t have to print the units though, learn how to use Layers of Learning straight from your tablet. You will need a 2 […]

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Family Learning Together

The Magic of Family-Style Homeschooling

Family-style homeschooling means everyone learning together. Build relationships, encourage one another, learn happily. Together.

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How To Use “Great Books” In Your Homeschool Painlessly

Great Books are the best books in literature of all time. They have big important ideas and you can read them in your homeschool.

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Layers of Learning supplies

Basic Supplies You Need To Start Layers of Learning

Here’s a list of basic materials you need to start Layers of Learning. Most things you probably already have on hand. Also, get a printable checklist for basic supplies.

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Correlation Charts, Videos, & Booklists to Supplement Layers of Learning

If you have trouble finding perfect library books to go with Layers of Learning, take advantage of the spine books with correlation charts, YouTube playlists, and other resources you’ll find right here.

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Layers of Learning Notebooks and Printable Covers

Keeping your homeschool organized will save you time and a lot of grief! There are lots of ways to keep your homeschool organized; some of our favorite tools are our Layers of Learning Notebooks. These are student notebooks for each child. Students will keep much of the work they complete while using Layers of Learning […]

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How to help kids use Layers of Learning More Independently

How to Help Kids Use Layers of Learning More Independently

Layers of Learning is a family curriculum and we think group learning is one of its best strengths.  But the truth is your circumstances may not be ideal for gathering everyone around in the living room and learning together.  You might need your kids to be more independent.  We’ll show you how to help kids […]

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how to use layers of learning as a grab and go curriculum

How to Use Layers of Learning as a Grab and Go Curriculum

Layers of Learning is best if you do some planning, but we all have days or periods in our lives when planning in any degree is just not going to happen.  So I’m going to walk you through how to use Layers of Learning as a grab and go curriculum, a method where you can […]

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Games to introduce a unit

Gamify Your Homeschool With Easy Unit Intros

Here re some simple and quick to put together games you can play at the beginning of a homeschool unit.

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Homeschool Requirements, Charter Schools, & Layers of Learning

How does Layers of Learning fit in with the homeschool requirements of my state, country, or charter school? Homeschool requirements vary from country to country and state to state.  You might be worried about meeting your specific requirements.  Many of you work with charter schools that have their own specific requirements as well.  Charter funds […]

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