Finding Your Why

Take a minute to write down WHY you are homeschooling. This may seem unimportant, but I can promise you that at some point in time you will appreciate the few minutes you took to write down WHY.  A good WHY can get you through hard times and help you have joy in your homeschool.  

Over the years we have helped tons of families get started with homeschooling, We’ve also helped lots of families get over rough patches in their homeschool from learning disabilities to burn out.

There is one question we ask, it is why? Why are you homeschooling?

Examine Your Why

We encourage people to examine their why because it helps you along the way. Every single homeschool has rough patches. We get this ideal in our heads of how it should be, but homeschooling never lives up to that ideal. You are going to have happy awesome moments, but also tough moments.

My Why Evolved Over the Years

In the beginning of our homeschool journey we lived in a place with bad schools. We looked for alternatives, but nothing was working. I could not send my little son to that school with metal detectors and armed guards. My husband and I both decided to teach our little kindergartener at home.

When I look at our homeschool today, we are in a totally different place. We no longer live in the same place and no longer homeschool because the schools are bad. Today my why is different.

We homeschool today because I fell in love with teaching, how much I learn, how our whole gaily is wrapped up in books and learning. We share that together. We are unified close as a family. It give us flexibility and freedom.

I have often retired as a homeschool teacher. I was worried, exhausted, afraid I wasn’t doing it well enough. What always brought me out of retirement was my why. I always knew the reason that I homeschool. Tuck your reasons into your heart so that on the hard days you can remember why you are doing it.

My Homeschool Plan Guide

Use this printable My Homeschool Plan packet as you begin homeschooling.  It can help record your thoughts as you begin your homeschooling path.  If you’d prefer a black and white version of the printable guide you can find that here.

A free downloadable packet to help you plan your homeschool.
These are just a few of the pages you’ll find in the guide. Use it as you read through the articles for new homeschoolers.  Take notes, make plans, and think through your homeschooling journey.

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