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Pay Attention to Your Kids for the Love of Pete

Layers of Learning provides lesson plans for parents and teachers to use with their children/students.  You should use these ideas at your discretion, using common sense.  In particular young children should always be supervised while doing crafts, experiments, projects, or watching videos or using websites online. We are not responsible for damage or injury resulting from your use of our ideas.


Or, It Takes Thousands of Hours to Produce This Curriculum and Run This Website So Please Don’t Steal From Us

All content on this site and in the digital or printed books, including images, text, and printables, is owned by us and is under copyright, unless otherwise noted.  Posts, images, and printables may be freely reproduced for a single family, classroom, or co-op class.  But never for resale by third parties.

Sharing of digital books or parts of digital books without permission is illegal. We know it will happen. Sigh. But its a little silly to lose your integrity for homeschool curriculum. So just don’t, alright?

You may print worksheets from this site or from Layers of Learning books and Printable Packs for personal or classroom use as needed.

Snippets and individual images may be used on third party websites if they are linked back to our site and we are given credit in the immediate vicinity of the material.  You are not allowed to publish entire articles from our site onto your site or to plagiarize our material.

If you wish to use our materials for any other purposes, please contact us at contact@layers-of-learning.com to request permission.


We do not accept returns or refunds of digital materials. Once you have it, there is no way for us to be ensured that you have deleted it. We provide free samples and a place for you to freely ask other users about their opinions on the curriculum (Facebook Group) so you can be confident that Layers of Learning is for you before you buy. Also, if you’re not sure sure, then buy one more unit. It’s like $5. Be brave!

Returns of physical paperback books are accepted if the book is in new condition. If you need to return an item, contact us and we will help you with your return needs. Karen is extremely nice and awesome at helping people be happy! It’s her super power.

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