Layers of Learning science dives in to biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics with hands-on experiments, demonstrations, field trips, and printables.  You can try some of these experiments and activities with your kids to see how it can work family-style, with everybody experimenting together.

Watercolor painting of the sunshine

How To Teach About Stars With Sun Catchers

This sun catcher craft is from the sidebar of Layers of Learning Unit 1-2. It is an add-on activity to help you explore even more than what’s in the unit while you learn all about stars.

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PVC Rocket

How To Build a PVC Rocket

Build a pvc rocket with your family and explore how rapidly expanding gases can create a great deal of force.

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plate tectonics worksheet

Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics is the unifying theory of geology. It explains how the whole surface of the earth changes and why it looks the way it looks. Use printables and coloring to teach these concepts to your kids.

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homemade barometer

Homemade Thermometer and Barometer

Learn to make a homemade thermometer and homemade barometer to really understand how these weather tools work.

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watercolor picture of kids with pop bottle ecosystems

How to Build a Pop Bottle Ecosystem

Pop bottle ecosystems show how living and non-living parts of the environment interact and depend on each other.

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black widow spider with egg sac

Life Cycle of a Spider Printable Lesson

The life cycle of a spider printable with book suggestions, info on the life cycle of the black widow, and a video to watch.

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watercolor of a kids doing a chemistry experiment with hard water

Hard Water Experiment

Dissolve some calcium in water to see how soap is affected by minerals in hard water. Along the way you’ll learn abut some of the properties of water.

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watercolor kids in a hula hoop demonstrating states of matter

Explore Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Get a bunch of kids together and have them climb into a hula hoop to demonstrate the tightly packed molecules of a solid then the looser packed molecules of a liquid and the widely space molecules of a gas.

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watercolor of boys doing heat conduction experiment

Heat Conduction Experiment

This is an easy experiment with household materials to show how metal conducts heat better than wood or plastic.

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Family studying rocks together

Learning About Rocks Identification Exploration

Learn about rocks, from formation to identification, and get a printable rock cycle worksheet.

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watercolor of a girl doing a density experiment

Floating Eggs Experiment About Density

Float an egg in salt water and plain water to do some density tests. Then calculate density with your older students.

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watercolor of kids holding crystals

How To Grow Crystals Overnight

Grow your own crystals overnight then examine them through a magnifying glass. Look for faces and vertexes. Compare the crystals you grew to ones that form under the earth.

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