Layers of Learning science dives in to biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics with hands-on experiments, demonstrations, field trips, and printables.  You can try some of these experiments and activities with your kids to see how it can work family-style, with everybody experimenting together.

Marble Roller Coaster

Marble Roller Coaster Challenge

Here’s a hands-on physics experiment. Challenge your kids to get a marble to travel through a roller coaster made with a foam pipe.

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kids doing an experiment using the scientific method

A Simple Introduction To The Scientific Method

Learn about the scientific method and design your own experiment using the principles you learned. Plus grab the experiment write up sheets to record your results.

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watercolor diagram of eyes


Do an eye dissection while you learn first hand about the parts of an eye.

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Algae and Pollution Experiment

Test out various pollutants to see how they affect the algae in pond water.

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Color A Map of Climate Zones

Use the library list and the printable map of the world to learn about the four major climates on earth.

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Watercolor of kids playing with magnets

Experiments with Magnets and a Printable Magnetism Book

Play with magnets in this unit as you learn how they work. Build a magnet boat and grab the printable magnet book with even more explorations!

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Color and Learn About the Periodic Table

Print and color the periodic table as you learn about the elements with your kids from 5th grade and up.

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