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All sorts of tutorials on using Layers of Learning and on homeschooling in general.

Library List from First Civilizations

Read, Do, Show: How to Structure an Effective Homeschool Lesson

Every Layers of Learning unit includes a Library List, a selection of Exploration, and a Show What You Know Section. These three sections are the pattern that an effective homeschool lesson or unit should follow. First students read to get information, then they do a hands-on activity to create memorable hooks for the information, and […]

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Your Kids Deserve to be Taught Geography

Sometime between the 1960s and 1970s in the United States the teaching of geography and history was melded into something called social studies. The purpose was to teach students time and place in a unified way to help them see a picture that was tied to the society they live in today. Whatever the intent, […]

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The best homeschool science curriculum is hands on

The Best Science Curriculum For Homeschools

The best science curriculum for homeschools teaches science literacy and teaches future scientists how to do science. It should integrate the scientific method, experiements, “recipes”, reading, and notebooking.

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Layers of Learning is the best homeschool history curriculum

The Best Homeschool History Curriculum

The best homeschool history curriculum has four ingredients: it is chronological, interesting, connects to the human story, and connects to the student.

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My Homeschool Plan Free Printable

Homeschooling is a big deal. Your kids get one shot at growing up and the family children are raised in has a profound affect on their future employment, future relationships, and future happiness. But you are their parent for a reason. As long as you take a thoughtful approach and do your best, you’ll be […]

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Finding Your Why

Take a minute to write down WHY you are homeschooling. This may seem unimportant, but I can promise you that at some point in time you will appreciate the few minutes you took to write down WHY.  A good WHY can get you through hard times and help you have joy in your homeschool.

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The Layers of Learning Worldview Explained

We get asked often whether Layers of Learning is a Christian curriculum. The short answer is no. Most people interpret that to mean we are a secular curriculum. But both positions, Christian and secular, are particular worldviews, each with a definite set of agendas and a set of beliefs that color the way the information […]

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Four Year Cycle

The four year cycle is a method of organizing a curriculum or school course. Students learn the entire scope of history, geography, science, and arts over a four year period, then they repeat their studies twice more before graduation.

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Comparing Classic Layers of Learning to NEW Layers of Learning

Here is a comparison between the Classic Layers of Learning, first released in 2010 and the NEW Layers of Learning first released in 2022.

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Printing Layers of Learning Units

If you purchased Layers of Learning units in the PDF form, you may want to print them, put them into a binder, and keep them together as a whole course. Psst! You don’t have to print the units though, learn how to use Layers of Learning straight from your tablet. You will need a 2 […]

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Family Learning Together

The Magic of Family-Style Homeschooling

Family-style homeschooling means everyone learning together. Build relationships, encourage one another, learn happily. Together.

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How To Use “Great Books” In Your Homeschool Painlessly

Great Books are the best books in literature of all time. They have big important ideas and you can read them in your homeschool.

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