The best homeschool science curriculum is hands on

The Best Science Curriculum For Homeschools

The best science curriculum for homeschools teaches science literacy and teaches future scientists how to do science. It should integrate the scientific method, experiements, “recipes”, reading, and notebooking.

Watch as Michelle explains in this video about the best homeschool curriculum for homeschools.

Scientific literacy is understanding the basics of science principles, laws, and theories. It is also understanding what the scientific method is and how science is all about questioning. We can only find truth by constantly wondering if what we think is true is in fact true. Science does that in the physical realm by careful experimentation. But it all starts with asking questions. Scientific literacy is so important for everyday decision making such as whether it is a good idea to wear a seat belt or if you should try the next fad diet.

Scientists are born out of passion for studying the natural world. Your kids deserve to be exposed to the awe inspiring views of deep space, the intircate balace inside a single cell, and the powerful tectonic systems that make Earth a living planet. Kids trained up from a young age to view the world with wonder are much more likely to find thier passion in the sciences.

Gathering pond water

Layers of Learning includes the scientific method in a unit, but also incorperates it all through the curriculum as kids are taught to ask questions, design their own experiements, and debate scientific ideas.

Layers of Learning also teaches kids to do actual experiments where we don’t give or even know the answer. Kids are give the opportunity to come up with thire own questions about a topic and perform original research.

We also utiilize many many “recipes”. Like other curricula we call them experiments, but really they are step-by-step procedures already written out that are supposed to result in a pre-determined outcome. The are vital for teaching kids about scientific principles that have already been discovered. We believe in hands on learning and science must be experienced to truly be loved.

Earth & Space Paperback Book
Rocks Science Station with Magnifying Glasses

Next, scientists should be well read and well rounded. We aren’t big fans of text books and Layers of Learning is not a text book. We recomend outside reading with many different authors and many different points of view. The best science education will come from people who are passionate about their topic, not a short summary in a text book.

Last, Layers of Learning utilizes the notebooks that real scientists use when recording data and performing experiments. Kids keep their own science notebooks where they take notes, record findings, draw and label diagrams, and ask their own questions.

We believe the best science curriculum for homeschoolers is doing real science hands-on and with the scientific method embeded throughout.

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