Layers of Learning Notebook Covers

Today I’m sharing some printable covers for you to use in your Layers of Learning notebook.  The Layers of Learning parents in our Facebook Group asked for some matching covers for the notebooks they keep their printed PDFs in, so here they are.  They also include matching spines.  You’ll find all 4 printable covers as well as a page with the printable spines by clicking on the picture below.

Printable Notebook Covers and Spines

You could also use them as binder covers for your kids’ notebooks that they keep their written work in.  Some families use just one large binder with dividers for each of the subjects.  Some families use four smaller binders – one for each Layers of Learning subject.  If you use four notebooks, one for each subject, we also have a coordinating set of notebook covers for free.  Here are the subject-specific notebook covers for your kids’ Layers of Learning schoolwork.

Printable Student Notebook Covers from Layers of Learning
Free Printable Student Notebook Covers

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