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This is the parent Writer’s Workshop Guidebook that teaches you how to incorporate a Writer’s Workshop in your homeschool.


This is the Writer’s Workshop Guidebook for you, the parent/teacher.  Before you start any of the Writer’s Workshop units you should read this! It will teach you the philosophy behind the program, what supplies to gather, and how to structure each of your writing days.

Writer’s Workshop is a complete writing curriculum for homeschoolers or classrooms.  It incorporates grammar, spelling, mechanics, writing genres and teaches the writing process.  Most importantly, it teaches that writing is about ideas and the writer, not filling out worksheets or completing assignments.  You, and your kids, are going to love writing again.

Here are the highlights of this Guidebook:

  • The whole family works on the same writing projects, all ages at once from toddlers to Mom and Dad.  We’ll show you how this can be so easy!
  • How to focus your writing instruction on ideas instead of mechanics to bring the joy back in to writing.
  • Still incorporate spelling, grammar, and punctuation in so your kids grow in communication skills naturally.
  • Create a colorful fun writing center and a run down of the essential supplies as well as the fun-to-have stuff.
  • Build a Writer’s Notebook for each of the writers in your home.
  • Mini-Lessons! How to incorporate super short writing lessons in to each day instead of doing workbooks.
  • We’ll teach you the writing process so you can guide your kids.
  • How to grade a paper!  It’s not what you experienced in school, we promise!
  • Finally, some pitfalls to avoid in order to make your kids into writers instead of worksheet-filler-outers.

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6 reviews for Writer’s Workshop Guidebook: How to Create a Writer’s Workshop – PDF

  1. Helen Koenig

    I homeschool my 2 oldest grandkids and sometimes team teach with my dil’s babysitter and sometimes with my daughter in law (dil). I showed what I have of the program to them and they agreed with me – this is a VERY impressive and useable program that we all are enjoying – and learning from.

  2. Melanie W.

    Extremely helpful in understanding the setup for Writer’s Workshop. Definitely worth it!

  3. Krista Biggs

    Very helpful for a fist time LOL user! I don’t think I need the guide for every subject after this one because it’s so thorough in explaining everything, how to set it all up, and plan it all out.

  4. tracy.dababseh

    I wasn’t sure if I really needed to buy this, but I was glad I did. It helped me see the bigger picture of the program. It also helped me with setting up everything.

  5. katemichelle07

    Really helps understand how to use writers workshop

  6. Whitney Mortimer

    The guidebooks really help with implementing the LoL curriculum. I find them easy to navigate and well written. Definitely worth buying in my opinion. I found the Writers Workshop guidebook very helpful in how to initially set up the kids files into the different sections that the program uses.

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