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A simple weekly planner for your Layers of Learning homeschool. This PDF printable planner is for the adult mentor.


This planner comes as a PDF you can download and print yourself.  The cover files are separate from the body of the planner. 148 pages. It is watercolor-themed, so expect color variation.

Watch a video tour of the Mentor Planner:

The files are editable so you can fill in the daily subjects and other fields before you print.

The planner is divided into four sections:

  • Calendar
  • Unit Planner
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Weekly Planner


This section starts with an attendance sheet and a Year-at-a-Glance sheet. Jot down significant family dates so you don’t forget to plan them in to your year.

Next, it has monthly, undated calendars, each across a two-page spread. The year begins in August and ends with July.



Enter in your school schedule, holidays, special events, field trips, and anything else to remember when planning your school year.

Unit Planner

This section of the planner is where you plan Layers of Learning, unit by unit. Each sheet is the total plan for one unit. There are enough pages for nine months of history, geography, science, and arts.

Writer’s Workshop

These pages are especially for Writer’s Workshop. There are nine sheets, one page for each unit of your year.  There is space to write down a daily mini-lesson plus a daily exercise.

Weekly Planner

Here is where you transfer the unit plans onto a weekly planner. As you go through your homeschool week by week, you transfer the plans from the Unit Planner and Writer’s Workshop sections into this section. Then cross of or highlight each completed lesson or task.

There are 36 double page spreads, one spread for each week of your school year.

Two Cover Choices

Finally, choose between the two covers when you print.

A simple unit and weekly planner for your Layers of Learning homeschool. This spiral-bound planner is for the adult mentor.

You may also like the magnetic bookmark set that will help you keep your place in your planner as you go through your year.

Planning is half the fun of homeschooling!






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2 reviews for Layers of Learning Mentor Planner – PDF

  1. Michele Fauss

    Love the planner! I do wish I could type in it easily though. I have a Mac so maybe that’s the problem, but other than that, it’s awesome!

  2. katemichelle07

    I love this planner, the pages for scheduling each unit are so wonderful and very specific to this curriculum

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