Earth & Space: A Family-Style Science Program PDF

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Earth & Space is a year-long science course including earth science and astronomy. This is a hands-on, activity and real books course for families. Mentors use this book in teaching kids from ages 6 to 18 years.


Course Overview

Earth & Space is an activity based science program including earth science and astronomy topics such as plate tectonics, weather, stars, planets, and more. This method teaches scientific facts, principles, and methods through experiments, activities, and other hands-on lessons. The best part is the family-style design that allows you to teach all ages at once.

This is a view inside the first unit of the Earth & Space course: How Science Works.

Learn more about how Layers of Learning works.

What’s In This PDF Set?

Earth & Space includes nine individual month long units including:

  1. How Science Works – How to keep a Science Notebook, the history of science, and the scientific method, plus more.
  2. Planet Earth – The structure and formation of the earth.
  3. Plate Tectonics – How the earth’s crust is broken up which creates earthquakes, volcanoes, and is the cause of mountains.
  4. Rocks – The types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic), the rock cycle, gems, and erosion.
  5. Fossils – The traces of long ago life left on earth including dinosaurs.
  6. Seasons & Climate – Why we have seasons and how the climate of earth is determined.
  7. Weather – The factors that cause weather, the types of weather, and extreme weather events.
  8. Universe – The Big Bang, dark matter, stars, galaxies, and more.
  9. Solar System – The sun, planets, and moons closer to home.

A Layers of Learning Science Lesson

Each Exploration in the units is written as a complete lesson plan. It will direct you in books to read, videos to watch, experiments to perform, and discussions to have. The units are clear full of Explorations to choose from and you won’t have time for them all. This is a pick-and-choose curriculum.

Besides the science lesson for the day the units are lined with sidebars that direct you to discussions, books, famous scientists, interesting facts, writing ideas, and more.

You will also see a Library List at the beginning and a Show What You Know section at the end that will help you create assessments or tests based on your individual learning.

Reusable and for All Ages

These units books are for the mentor, not to hand to the student. They are supposed to be used repeatedly. Since this is a pick-and-choose curriculum, you do some of the experiments and explorations and save others for later on. If you follow the four year cycle, you will progress through Earth & Space, Biology, Chemistry, and finally Physics. Then you will cycle back to Earth & Space in the fifth year when your kids are older and learning at a higher level. In all you may use this book three times with your child.

The Earth & Space units contain lessons ranging from “what is a season” clear up to the Milankovitch Cycle. There are plenty of concepts for little kids and plenty to challenge high schoolers. Most lessons are meant to be taught to many ages from 6-year-olds clear up to seniors in high school.  Each age group gets the same experiment and principles, but they learn on the level they are ready for. Books from your library and video from the YouTube playlists customize the learning for each age.

Extra Resources

YouTube playlists, Pinterest boards, links to helpful websites are all assembled and ready for you to access on the Earth & Space Resources for Layers of Learning page.

You may want a printable Earth & Space PDF Cover for your binder, if you plan on printing the units.


Printable Packs

Earth & Space also includes printables for every unit. These are worksheets or paper crafts for the students. The Printable Packs are available as a digital PDF download from and come with your purchase on your receipt.

Also Sold As Individual PDFs

The Earth & Space course also comes as individual PDF units you can purchase one-by-one as you go. The individual PDFs are exactly the same content as the units that are included within the paperback or PDF Earth & Space book. It’s like buying the course chapter by chapter.


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5 reviews for Earth & Space: A Family-Style Science Program PDF

  1. Molly Impola

    An excellent, flexible program that fits wonderfully for a large family learning together!

  2. Ashley Morgan

    The perfect fit for our homeschooling family! From toddler to teen, everyone can join in on the fun and learn alongside each other, making moms day a little easier too!

  3. Margarita D.

    Ok yeah he loves space and all things. So this one is his favorite subject to study. We are so excited to do work on the days we need to. No more tears and fighting or having to keep switching curriculum because it’s boring or doesn’t feel right.

  4. Krista Biggs

    I went back and forth over this for curriculum for a couple years now, and I regret waiting! This is exactly what I have been looking for, I love the set up, the activities, the suggestions, everything! I can’t wait to get started!

  5. katemichelle07

    Learning about earth and space this year has been so fun. There are so many explorations to do it’s hard to narrow down

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