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Adult mentors should read this Science Guidebook to learn how to teach Layers of Learning Science.


The Science Guidebook is for the mentor and will teach how to use Layers of Learning Science to best effect. This Science Guidebook will teach you about science, what it is and what it isn’t. It will also teach you how to teach using the Layers of Learning Science units. You will learn which equipment you need to teach science and where to get the chemicals and glassware. You will also learn how to plan a day’s science lesson, a unit, and a year of science. In addition you will learn to:

  • Utilize outside reading to give your children many points of view and the best engaging books for their age group
  • Teach multiples ages at once
  • Use the sidebars to take your learning further into science and beyond science into history, geography, arts, and more
  • Plan individualized assessments based on your student’s learning
  • Have confidence that you can guide your children through science even if you don’t know a petri dish from a test tube

Layers of Learning Science is a complete science curriculum for kids from age 6 to 18 and can be used at home with families, in co-op classes, or in schools. It includes hands-on experiments that teach real science principles as well as paper projects, worksheets, and notebooking activities. Concepts taught in Layers of Learning Science range from “what are seasons” to quantum mechanics. The science is in depth, covering everything typically taught in high school science, plus much that goes beyond. Yet, the concepts are taught simply, plainly, and can accessed by many ages of children and their non-scientist mentors.

Layers of Learning Science utilizes a Science Notebook that teaches children to take detailed notes in exactly the way real scientists keep lab notebooks or field notebooks. In addition children are taught to do science write-ups, a precursor to scientific papers, a skill taught in college science classes. The Science Guidebook will teach you, as the mentor, how to help your children learn these vital science skills.

Learn more about the Layers of Learning approach and get a copy of  the Units at a Glance, a PDF document that shows all the Layers of Learning titles and subheadings in the Curriculum Guide.


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2 reviews for Science Guidebook: How to Teach Layers of Learning Science PDF

  1. Tami

    The guidebooks are very helpful; they help you set the stage, so to speak, and cover all of the things that you will need to know.

  2. katemichelle07

    Guidebooks are so helpful to understand using this curriculum to the fullest

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