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This is a PDF you can print and bind yourself. It is a student journal that kids fill as they complete Layers of Learning Science units. Ages 6-18.


The Science Notebook is an essential tool that students need to complete the Layers of Learning Science courses. As students do experiments, make observations, or learn concepts they will record their experiences and learning in the Science Notebook.

At the top of each page there is space for a title. The title is then also written in to the table of contents pages at the front of the book along with the page number. The page or pages are then filled with sketches, data, tables, graphs, calculations, or printables that are pasted in. When the page is finished the young scientist then dates the page and initials it, showing it is his or her work and is complete.

The Science Notebook is training for the real records that professional scientists keep. All scientists whether they are observing volcanoes or mixing chemicals in a lab, keep detailed notebooks. Nothing in the scientist’s notebook should ever be erased, ripped out, or altered. It must be an honest and complete record of the scientist’s observations.

The Science Notebook is also a record of the student’s learning for the year. It is a document you can show a supervising teacher or government official who wants to see what progress your student is making.

Layers of Learning Science units frequently tell the student to write in, sketch in, or paste in their Science Notebook. You will use this nearly every day you do science.

Besides the many printables in the Layers of Learning Science units, the Science Notebook comes with its own set of printables. You can color, write on, cut out, fold, and paste the printables into your Science Notebook whenever you like.

Some of the printables are “stickers” that can mark an experiment, a questions, a famous scientist, or a cycle you are adding to the Science Notebook. Others are mini books or foldables that you can assemble.

The Science Notebook should be practical and accurate, but also fun, colorful, and unique to each young scientist.


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  1. katemichelle07

    Very basic, also comes with extra printable which are really helpful. It’s great to have a standard place to put all our science notebooking and practicing making a title page

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