Printable Biography Notebooking Pages

Use these free printable biography notebooking pages to create a biography for any person present or past. Besides the biography you can make fun pages for fictional characters from books or ones you’ve made up yourself.

One of my favorite ways to learn history is through the people who made it all happen.  I love biographies.  So I thought these printable biography notebooking pages would be perfect for recording the most important points of these famous folks from history.

Printable biography notebooking pages for any person in history.

You reap the benefits of this notebooking page because while editing Unit 4-9 (Come see our catalog for our increasingly popular homeschool/school curricula) I found one last sidebar, not yet filled in.  It was slated for “Writer’s Workshop”.  Often in the sidebars in this unit we highlighted some famous people of the Roaring 20’s.  A biography would be perfect.  But to just write a biography? Boring.  Especially when I think of my own boys.  They would balk for sure.  On the other hand, a notebooking page.  That would interest them.

So this entire post and printable were inspired by that one little leftover sidebar.

The Printable Biography Notebooking Pages

Print the Biography Notebooking Pages. Just click on that link back there or on the image below.  Next, I’ll show you how to use each part.

Free printable biography notebooking pages.

I printed onto colorful blue card stock and glued onto white card stock.  It works fine with regular weight paper as well.

How to Put the Pages Together

First of all, this is super flexible.  You (or your oh-so-creative child) can put the pages together any way you like, arranging each element where you want it on the page.  Here is how I arranged mine.

Free printable biography notebooking pages.

The timeline runs along the bottom.  I left lots of space to draw in Yankee Stadium.  The “Major Achievements” are in the middle of the right hand page.  Vital facts of Babe’s life reside in the upper right corner, leaving just enough space for my finely executed portrait of the Sultan of Swat. I typed that with a totally straight face.

I know it looks like a kid-made page, but no, this is actually my best work.  But if it makes you feel better, imagine a ten-year-old completing this.

The Map

I love maps.  They are graphic, colorful, full of information, and really ground you in space.  They do for place what the timeline does for time.  Together these two elements create the setting for your biography.

Free printable biography notebooking pages.

Notice though that a map need not depict a country, city, or battlefield.  For Babe Ruth I wanted to show something that reflected Babe’s life, hence Yankee Stadium.  While drawing it, I learned about the odd asymmetrical shape of Yankee stadium (made yet more odd by my free hand inaccuracies).

In your biographies show a floor plan of a house, a village, a city, a country, a travelogue of places visited or whatever really reflects your person and his or her life.

The Timeline

The timeline only allows space for eight critical events.  Sometimes whittling down a life into so few essentials presents difficulty.  If necessary, print out extra sheets of the first page and extend the timeline, making it foldable.  But try to keep it down to eight.  Practice the skill of brevity.

Free printable biography notebooking pages.


Cut these pages out and then layer them on top of one another, gluing, to make a flip book.

Free printable biography notebooking pages.

Inside should go only most important facts about the person’s life and what made them achieve the things they did.  Inside Babe Ruth’s book I put that he learned to play baseball from one of the Brothers at the school he attended.  Babe’s baseball education is essential to his later life.


Look for a “How to Draw ________ ” with a search engine.  Here’s the one I used for Babe Ruth. Nailed it, did I not?  You can also just print out a portrait from the internet and paste it on.


The achievements form the core of any biography, the reason we bother reading or learning about someone. So we left lots of space in this interlocking booklet.

Cut it out along the solid lines, including the little bit of the circle flap that extends into the booklet. Then fold it along the dashed line.  Glue down the center of the back.  Write a couple of paragraphs about what your person did to set themselves apart.

Library List

One of my favorite biography series ever is the “Childhood of Famous Americans”.  Below I posted some biographies from the Roaring 20’s era.  Click on the images to purchase them or see more details from Amazon.  These are affiliate links, which means we get a small sales commission if you purchase through our link.

But again, this printable can be used for any time period or person in history.

Additional Layers

  • Use this printable to create a character for a story you write.
  • Use this printable as a starting place to organize your thoughts and notes before writing a longer biography.
  • All through her teens Amelia Earhart kept a scrapbook of women who were successful.  Then she became one of those women.  You can do the same sort of thing with people you admire.  Make notebooking pages of people you look up to and then keep them all in a dedicated scrapbook.

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