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World War II Printable Planes and the Battle of Britain

This exploration is for all ages, as the colored smilies show. You can craft World War II printable planes with your whole family together!

1st thru 4th grades
5th thru 8th grades
9th thru 12th grades

Layers of Learning Unit 4-11 cover
Unit 4-11: World War II, Symbols & Landmarks, Chemistry of Air & Water, War Art

The World War II printable planes craft is a history exploration from Layers of Learning Unit 4-11 about World War II. Layers of Learning has fun printables in every unit of this family-friendly curriculum. Learn more about Layers of Learning.

In 1940, toward the start of World War II, a few young men fought in a desperate air battle above the fields and cities of their homes in Britain to keep evil from their shores.

The attacks started in July of 1940 and by October, it was clear the British could not be subdued and would never surrender. The Battle of Britain was won and the Germans would never invade, though they would bomb England throughout the war.

Step 1: Library Research

Before you begin exploring, read a book or two about World War II and the Battle of Britain. Here are some suggestions, but if you can’t find these, look for books at your library about World War II, Battle of Britain, aircraft, or World War II pilots. The colored smilies above each book tell you what age level they’re recommended for.

As Amazon affiliates, the recommended books and products below kick back a tiny percentage of your purchase to us. It doesn’t affect your cost and it helps us run our website. We thank you!

WW II Spitfire Pilot at the Battle of Britain

by F.J. Beerling

Aimed at younger kids, this picture book tells the story of the Battle of Britain right down to the melting down of pots and pans to make more planes.

World War II Pilots

by Michael Burgan

This is a history story where the reader gets to make choices throughout, leading to different outcomes. Read over and over to learn about where different choices lead.

My Story: Battle of Britain

by Chris Priestley

A historical novel: the story of one RAF pilot and what happens to him during the Battle of Britain.

Step 2: World War II Printable Planes

You will need the World War II printable planes, card stock, colored pencils, glue, and scissors.

World War II printable planes
Click on this image to get the pdf printable of the planes.

The planes have a gray dotted line between the left and right halves. Fold along this line, cut out around the plane, intricately or loosely, as you desire. Cut out the wings (or fold them up if attached to the body) and the tail and insert them through the body of the plane.

Printable planes from World War Two to color and craft.

Step 3: Show What You Know

Make a three things page, telling three things you learned about the Battle of Britain, World War II airplanes, or World War II, in general. Divide a sheet of paper into three sections, give each section a heading, and then draw a picture and write a caption about each of the three things.

Three things page.  Divide the sheet of paper into three sections, draw a picture and write a caption.  All three things about a single topic.  This one is about the Battle of Britain.

Additional Layers

Additional Layers are extra activities you can do or tangents you can take off on. You will find them in the sidebars of each Layers of Learning unit. They are optional, so just choose what interests you.

Famous Folks

At  the opening of World War II no one thought there was any way to defend against the newly developed bomber airplanes.  No one except Hugh Dowding anyway.  Read more about him and how he convinced the British to fight back and prepare.  If any one man can be credited with saving the free world it is him.

Hugh Dowding with some of “the few”. Women did not fly in combat but they served in intelligence, in relaying messages, as secretaries in the war office, as telephone and telegraph operators, in factories building planes and munitions, and as pilots ferrying the newly built planes to the air fields.

Additional Layer

The first four planes in the printable, the Hawker Hurricane, Heinkel bomber, Messerschmitt fighter, and Spitfire, fought in the Battle of Britain. The Germans used the Heinkel He 111 bomber throughout the war. They supported their bombers with the Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter plane. The British responded mostly with Hawker Hurricanes and a few Spitfires.

Hawker Hurricane
This is the Hurricane, the most heavily used British fighter during the Battle of Britain. Photo by Kogo, GFDL license, Wikimedia.

Besides these planes used in the Battle of Britain we included several other planes from the USA and Japan that fought extensively during the war. Interested kids will like reading more about these planes and how they fought. Look up each one.

Deep Thoughts

Listen to the famous speech by Winston Churchill which he gave about the Battle of Britain.

The British airmen who fought in that battle have ever since been referred to as “The Few”. If they had not stepped up Britain would have fallen. Discuss what you think the result would have been for Europe and the world.

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