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This Writer’s Workshop exercise is from Writer’s Workshop Word Work, which will be released after the ten Writer’s Workshop units are released, sometime in 2020. In Writer’s Workshop Word Work you’ll focus on mastering words as a writer in just a few minutes each day. Specifically, you’ll focus on spelling and vocabulary so you can incorporate the words you master into your writing. We are really excited to share the Word Work ideas we have within this program and know you’re anxious to see them too. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow the directions within the Writer’s Workshop Guidebook and begin doing Word Work as a family using a spelling and vocabulary program of your choice, We’ll keep you posted as Word Work becomes officially available. Thanks for being a part of our family-style writing program, Writer’s Workshop.

Word Work

Mastering words is something we continue to do throughout our lives. Mastery is best done in small and consistent doses, so work on Word Work for a few minutes each day before having your Mini Lesson and Exercise from one of the Writer’s Workshop Units. Never let Word Work overshadow the more important work you do of writing. Spelling and vocabulary are only a tiny part of writing, so keep Word Work in its place as a wonderful tool, but not the end goal of your Writer’s Workshop.

Vocabulary and Word Roots

Our vocabulary studies center around root words because they are so valuable in understanding lots of words as you learn to spot the root meanings.  Over 60 percent of the words kids encounter have some recognizable word parts. Kids who understand these parts automatically understand much more of what they read.  

Depending on the ages of your kids, you can learn between one and ten roots per week. Throughout the week, play with the roots in fun ways, becoming familiar with many of the words that are created from the roots.

This Root Dictionary is a good place to get started if you aren’t familiar with root words and their definitions.

Here are just three of the many ways we practice learning roots and vocabulary within Writer’s Workshop Word Work.


Write Cinquains using our root-based vocabulary words.  You can use the printable to teach this simply.

Vocabulary Cinquains

Click on the picture to go to the printable.

Root Flowers

Make a root flower chart.  Again, a cool printable to help solidify those root meanings and attach them to the words we use.

Root Flowers
Click on the picture to go to the printable.

Word Root Organizers

Create Word Root Organizers using this printable.  

Click on the picture to go to the printable.
Click on the picture to go to the printable.

We only spend a few minutes a day, no more than ten ever, but we are expanding our vocabularies by leaps and bounds!

You can learn more about Word Work and how to dovetail it into your daily writing in the Writer’s Workshop Guidebook.

What You’ll Find in Every Writer’s Workshop Unit


You’ll find printables in every Writer’s Workshop unit. They are tools for helping kids learn the writing process, skills, and ways to write in specific genres. They make lessons in a family school setting a little more manageable for parents too.

Ideas Banks

In each unit, kids will be doing a variety of writing exercises as well as one project. They will learn to take their project through the writing process, incorporating what they’ve learned during the Exercises. Each unit has a big idea bank for kids to choose from so they can find something meaningful that they get to choose personally in each genre.


Every unit also includes a rubric to help parents or mentors know how to give feedback that will help writers grow. Rubrics are tools writers can use to self-check, and mentors can use to know what to look for in each writing genre. We never just slap a grade on writing. Every bit of feedback is a tool to improve and grow.

More Writer’s Workshop

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Learn more about Writer’s Workshop and how it can help you create writers (not just grammar workbook filler-outers!). We invite you to check out the Writer’s Workshop Curriculum Guide. Then see how Layers of Learning can change your whole homeschool into a happy, hands-on family school with the Writer’s Workshop Guidebook. We believe learning is about exploring! If you like exploring, you’ll love the rest of the Layers of Learning program too – history, geography, science, and art, all taught with your whole family exploring together.

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