Printable Five Page Tabbed Booklet

One thing my kids enjoy is making little books about the things we’re learning about.  I made this template to go with some Canadian geography materials and thought I’d share with everyone since you can use this five page tabbed booklet for any subject.

All you do is print the booklet.  It is three sheets of paper.  Then cut out the pages, assemble them in order with the cover on front and staple them along the right hand side.

You can choose to print the blank template, without lines.

printable five page tabbed booklet without lines

Or print the lined template, which leaves room at the top of each page for an illustration.

printable five page tabbed booklet with lines

Fill your booklet with any topics you like.  Here are some examples.

  • Five volcanic belts of Canada
  • Five greatest map makers of all time
  • Five rivers of Idaho
  • Five classical composers
  • Five types of landscape
  • Five types of magnets
  • Five life cycles
  • Where I live (my house, my town, my state or province, my country, my continent)
  • Five ancient pyramids around the world

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