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Here are some ideas to spice up your homeschool at Easter time.


Eggs Writing Activity

Eggs are fascinating! When they seem to be everywhere you turn at Easter time, it’s a perfect time to get your kids writing about them. Use this Eggs printable to have them write about eggs. Here are a few prompts to get them started if they don’t have any ideas.

  • Imagine you found a magical egg lying on the ground. Anything could hatch out of it that you wished. What would you wish to have hatched?
  • How do eggs represent life and resurrection?
  • How does a chicken develop inside an egg? Research and write about the process.
  • Make a list of all the different ways you can eat eggs.
  • Tell a story about the Easter bunny painting and hiding eggs.
  • What are your favorite Easter memories?
  • Write a poem about Easter eggs.
  • What are your favorite ways to eat eggs?

Easter Math

  • Look up the current world population. Calculate how many eggs the Easter bunny would need to paint to make four for each person in the world.
  • Use jelly beans as a measurement device. Calculate the perimeter of your Easter basket in jelly beans.
  • Find out if there are more people or more rabbits in the world.
  • Make repeating patterns using Easter candies.
  • Write greater than less than statements using piles of jelly beans. Place two piles out and decide which one is greater and which one is less.
  • Use these printables for more math fun.

Embryonic Development of a Chick in an Egg

Easter Egg Hunt About the Bible Easter Story

This is a printable kit that you can assemble in ten minutes and use year after year to create a playful way to tell the true Easter Story to kids.

This is a printable kit you can assemble in ten minutes and use year after year to create a playful way to tell the true Easter story to your kids. Easter eggs represent life.  That makes Easter eggs a great vehicle for teaching about the Bible Easter story in a way that will appeal to kids and is meaningful for the whole family.

Print this sheet, cut the strips apart, and number 12 plastic Easter eggs with a permanent marker.  Place one of the strips into each egg, matching the number on the strips to the numbers on the eggs. Each paper also has a suggestion of a physical item to put inside the egg as a symbol. For example, in egg #6 there is a nail to go with the part of the story where Jesus is nailed to the cross. Hide the eggs and let the kids find them. Bring them all back together and open the eggs in order, reading about each symbol and how it represents Easter.

Learn About Rabbits

Watch this YouTube video about rabbits and then take turns telling something you learned from the movie and what your favorite thing is about rabbits. Go visit a pet store or petting zoo and visit some rabbits so you can see them close up. Come up with a list of questions you have about rabbits before your visit so you can ask an expert while you’re there.

Jelly Bean Mosaic Art

Create a cool jelly bean mosaic with construction paper, markers, glue, and some colorful jelly beans. Draw an egg outline using the markers on a sheet of construction paper. Arrange and adhere jelly beans to the paper using glue. You can create any design you want to on the egg. You may want to play a bit first to create the design you like.

Mosaics have been created since ancient years using everything from glass to tiles, marbles, and candy. Check out this amazing mosaic design of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting . . . all made of jelly beans!

Easter Egg Color Mixing

Instead of buying pre-made dye tablets from the store, become color scientists! Mix up your own colors while you experiment with color mixing. Try adding different amounts of dye (count the drops of liquid dye as you add them to 1/2 cup of warm water with 1 tsp. vinegar). You might add 16 drops of red and 10 drops of blue, for example.

Keep track of what you’ve added and what your results are. Predict what colors you will make. You’ll be able to see the colors in the glass, but when you drop the hard-boiled eggs in, the colors will be even more vibrant. Experiment on your own first, then use this chart for some really cool color combinations.

Cool Ways To Dye Eggs

We always use a white crayon to write some prizes on the eggs. One of the eggs might say “$1” or “Game Night with Mom” or “Movie with Dad.” The kiddo who finds that egg during our hunt gets to cash in on his or her prize. Here are a few simple ways to dye eggs with flair.

Library List

Go visit your library and grab some fun Easter and springtime books to read together. Here are a few we like.

In the traditional repetitive, sing-song style, this is the Easter version of the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly stories.
The story of a little bunny who keeps running away from his mother. You will love the charming story and illustraions that are characteristic of all of the books of Margaret Wise Brown.
A story of ten naughty bunnies who use up all of the Easter bunny’s paint and then discover how to mix colors to make him some more.

More Easter Activities on Pinterest

Visit our Easter Pinterest Board for some more of our favorites. You’ll find learning opportunities, crafts, treats, and more.

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