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Kids Birthday

On your kid’s birthday, conduct a kids’ birthday interview. Ask him or her twenty questions and write down the answers.  In addition, make one page, opposite the kids’ birthday interview page, that includes a picture of him or her that year.  Each year, ask the same questions and make the picture page to go along.  Keep the pages over the years to see how the kid changes over time.  Eventually, you’ll have one scrapbook that covers all of that luscious growing up!  

Printable Kids’ Birthday Interview

I’ve made a kids’ birthday interview printable in case you want to interview your kids and use the questions I use with my own kids.

Birthday Interview Printable
Click on the image above to download the printable.

My Story

Okay, now get ready, because I’m going to TESTIFY! {Entering soapbox now} When I was 13, I went to a bride’s night for our church youth group.  We were teenage girls with a mission: plan our dream weddings in under an hour (and we didn’t have Pinterest!).  With little forms to fill out, we planned our dream future weddings. We clipped pictures from bridal magazines as we gushed over beautiful dresses and jewelry. The room filled with giggles as we talked over the qualities our future husbands would have. And we wrote it all down! I still have mine.

Here are just a few of my 13-year-old answers:

What will your colors be?  Pink and white, but mostly pink

What style of ring do you want?  A big, fancy rock

Who will perform the ceremony?  My dad

Where will your honeymoon be?  A world tour where we visit every country

What food will you serve?  Everything.  Pizza, pop, cake, pig in a blankets.  Everything.

The Value of Childhood Records

birthday interviews - wedding day

Have I convinced you? You have to write this stuff down, people! This little piece of paper is priceless to me! I love hearing my 13-year-old voice! I love that pizza and pig-in-a-blankets pretty much qualified as “everything” to me. Back then, I didn’t even know the names of the cuts of diamonds or have any clue about who officiated at weddings, but I was certain that my dad was at the center of my world. How awesome that in my 13-year-old dreams I’d have deep enough pockets to travel to every country.  

Almost none of my answers came true at my real wedding, but by then I had changed.  I grew beyond needing a fancy rock and a world tour and having it written down not only helped me see my growth but also gave me more than a few grins and chuckles. Now, I have stories to tell my daughters as they dream about their weddings. By the way, I did get married in the exact place I had dreamed of, my dress was very similar to the one I cut out, and my husband has all the qualities I was looking for in a man and more.

Moms out there, write this stuff down! They’re only little for a little while.  {Exit soapbox.}

Hope you enjoy the birthday interview printable, and have lots of fun making and preserving awesome memories with your kids!

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