Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure of Affiliate Links

If you click a link on our site that takes you to a third party seller, Amazon for instance, then it is probably an affiliate link.

That means that when you click the link, Amazon (or another seller), places a cookie on your computer, then later, when you purchase the item (sometimes even months later), we get a small commission for the referral.  These commissions help us run the web site.  It pays for things like web hosting, shopping cart services, plugins, email services, and other services that we need to make our site run.  We also use the money to develop new Layers of Learning materials for you.

We only link to products we actually like, never just to get a commission off of you.  In other words, we would be linking to Amazon (or the other companies we may potentially work with) anyway, with or without a commission.  It doesn’t change the price you would be paying for the product.

So it’s a win-win for both of us.  You get good ideas for reviewed products from us and we get an advertising fee from you.  It’s a nice way for you to say thank you for all the free content and countless hours we’ve taken to develop it.


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