Print and Craft Abraham Lincoln’s Stovepipe Hat Timeline

This exploration is for kids from 1st grade up to 8th grade, as the colored smilies show. You can do the Abraham Lincoln Timeline exploration with your younger kids!

1st thru 4th grades
5th thru 8th grades

Unit 4-7 cover
Unit 4-7: Civil War, National Parks, Plate Tectonics, Post-Impressionism

Abraham Lincoln’s Stovepipe Hat Timeline is a history exploration from Layers of Learning Unit 4-7 about the Civil War. Layers of Learning has hands-on experiments in every unit of this family-friendly curriculum. Learn more about Layers of Learning.

Abraham Lincoln was a fascinating man who changed the course of America’s history.  Most of us know his basic story, but here are some fabulous facts you may not know. . .

  • Lincoln loved animals and refused to hunt.  He had lots of pets, even a turkey!
  • He stored things in his stovepipe hat, like letters and important papers.
  • His wife’s family didn’t approve of him when they got married. They may have eaten humble pie when he was elected as president.
  • He was our tallest president.  On average, men were 5’6″ in his day, but he was 6’4″!  He had really long legs. When he was sitting he looked the same height as everyone else.
  • He HATED going to the dentist.  Can you blame him?
  • He was the first president to have a beard.
  • He was very funny and liked telling jokes.  Here’s one of his: “If I were two faced, would I be wearing THIS one?”

Step 1: Library Research

Before you begin exploring, read a book or two about Abraham Lincoln. Here are some suggestions, but if you can’t find these, look for books at your library about Abraham Lincoln. The colored smilies above each book tell you what age level they’re recommended for.

As Amazon affiliates, the recommended books and products below kick back a tiny percentage of your purchase to us. It doesn’t affect your cost and it helps us run our website. We thank you!

Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books

by Kay Winters

Beautiful picture book about the young Abraham Lincoln and how his love of reading led him to great places.

Abraham Lincoln

by Ingri & Edgar Parin d’Aulaire

A classic telling of the life of Abraham Lincoln. Makes a good read-aloud for all of your kids or hand it to your middle grades student to read alone.

Step 2: Lincoln’s Stovepipe Hat Timeline Exploration

You will need a printable Lincoln’s Stovepipe Hat Timeline, brightly colored paper, scissors, crayons, and glue.

Click on the picture to get the printable timeline.

Print out the pages.  Color the hat black, cut it out, then mount it on a colored sheet of paper.  Cut apart the pieces of the timeline and then glue them on in order on to the hat.


Step 3: Show What You Know

Use the timeline to tell the story of Lincoln’s life either out loud or in writing. Add facts or explain more from the reading you did.

Additional Layers

Additional Layers are extra activities you can do or tangents you can take off on. You will find them in the sidebars of each Layers of Learning unit. They are optional, so just choose what interests you.

On the Web

Watch this video about the young Abraham Lincoln with your youngest kids.

Memorization Station

Watch the Gettysburg Address, discuss it, and then memorize it.

Deep Thoughts

The struggle to abolish slavery in the United States was the result of a failure to live up to the ideals of freedoms and prosperity we hold dear. How ought people to respond to this and other similar failures? How can you respond?

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