Digital Printable Packs

Digital Printable Packs

You are most likely here because you purchased physical copies of our units at Amazon, Rainbow Resource, Barnes and Noble, or another online bookstore.

We made changes to our catalog and moved the printable packs to the product pages for each unit.  Go to the unit you want, select “Printable Pack” from the drop down menu, put it in your cart, then add the coupon code.  Your printable pack will be free on checkout. Go to the Catalog to Get Printable Packs

2 thoughts on “Digital Printable Packs”

  1. If I purchase the download instead of the physical book do I need to also get the printable pack for each unit I purchase? Thank you!

    1. No. The printable pack is the same as the printables at the end of the unit (in every version). We just offer the printable packs so people who buy the physical books can print more easily. You already have the printables in digital form if you buy a pdf unit.

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