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Korean Peninsula

Learn all about the differences between North and South Korea and explore these two countries that share one peninsula. Craft some traditional Korean paper fans too.

Layers of Learning Unit 4-15 cover

Unit 4-15

  • History: Cold War
  • Geography: U.S. Territories
  • Science: Chemistry of Medicine
  • Arts: Free Verse
Layers of Learning Unit 4-12

Unit 4-12

  • History: Modern East Asia
  • Geography: The South
  • Science: Food Chemistry
  • Arts: Modern Art
Layers of Learning Unit 3-9

Unit 3-9

  • History: Enlightenment
  • Geography: Korea
  • Science: Color
  • Arts: Art Journaling
map of the cold war

Cold War Map of the World

Color a map of the Cold War world. The USA and NATO versus the USSR and the Warsaw pact. The map also shows “hot spots” where actually wars broke out and places where guerrillas were operating.

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