Cold War Map of the World

The Cold War was the time period from the end of WWII in 1945 to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. You can see on this Cold War Map of the world that the struggle involved nearly every country on earth.

Some Cold War Background

The Cold War was a struggle between the communist east and the republican west.  It is called “cold” because though there were wars with armies and bullets and tanks and planes, the two big powers, the US and the USSR, never fought an all out head to head war during these decades.  Instead they fought by supplying money and equipment to their allies and pawns, through intelligence and covert operations, and through public opinion.

They never fought each other directly because both countries had many, many nuclear weapons and they were both afraid of the results of unleashing these most terrible of bombs on the earth.

Cold War Map to Color

Print the The Cold War Map of the World by clicking on the map or the link.

Cold War Map of the World
Click on the map to get the printable.

Some things to learn about as you color this map:

  • What is NATO?  Which countries were involved in NATO? Does it still exist?
  • What is the Warsaw Compact?  Which countries signed the compact?  Does it still exist?
  • Look up one or two of the counties where Communist or anti-communist guerrillas were operating.  What happened there?
  • The “Cold War Hot Spots” are places where actual armed conflicts broke out.  Learn about one or two of these hot wars during these time periods by looking up the history of the country.  Most people have at least heard of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, but did you know there was a war in Angola as well?
  • Why did so many countries get involved in a conflict that we essentially between the United States and the Soviet Union?  What was it all about?
  • The US and USSR were allies during WWII, so why did they end up enemies so quickly afterward?

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