Digital Printable Packs

Digital Printable Packs

This page is for people who have purchased physical copies of our units.  You can buy the books at Amazon, Rainbow Resource, Barnes and Noble, and many other online bookstores.

These are the same printables included with each of our units whether physical or digital. If you bought a pdf unit, you already have the printables in digital form and you do not need these printable packs.

Each of these printable packs is a pdf and contains only the printables, not the directions on how to use them.

We want it to be easy for you to print the worksheets for your kids so we offer these digital printable packs.  They show a charge, but in the front of your copy of the book, just after the title page and facing the introduction, there is a coupon code, a different one for each book.

  1. Place the printable pack from the unit you purchased into the shopping cart.
  2. Type in the coupon code from your unit. The printable pack will then be free.
  3. Complete your purchase.  The confirmation page will have a link to download your printable pack.
Year One

Year Two
Year Three
Year Four


    1. No. The printable pack is the same as the printables at the end of the unit (in every version). We just offer the printable packs so people who buy the physical books can print more easily. You already have the printables in digital form if you buy a pdf unit.

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