Landforms Memory Game

What is a Landform?

Landforms are features of the earth itself: rock, soil, sand, water, and the shapes they make.  Sometimes we think of the surface of the earth as being quite flat, but it’s actually made up of an incredible variety of elevations and amazing features.  Waterfalls, canyons, fjords, peninsulas, sand dunes, and streams, plus many more are all landforms we have on Earth.  Wind and water have eroded and carved out amazing features.  The movement of earth’s plates also creates ridges, valley, mountains, volcanoes, and other landforms.  The science of the shape of Earth’s features can get very precise and technical.  Each  type of landform has specific definitions, which high school aged kids can get into if they’re interested.

Landforms Memory Game

We created this Printable Landforms Memory Game showcasing some of the major landforms.  The game should be printed on heavy white or light colored cardstock or mounted on heavier paper after printing.  Cards have either the name of a landform or a picture of the matching landform.  You can create more of your own cards with other landforms as you master these.  Kids have to find the matches and realize that they are matches.  For really young kids or beginners the game can be played face up.  The person with the most correct matches wins.


It is not essential that your child learns every landform and all its intricacies in their school years.  However just for the sake of communication and cultural literacy they should be familiar with some basics.  To help them out, play a memory game.  Use the cards below to review these basic landforms.  Find out how each one is created.  Is it from erosion?  Does plate tectonics play a role?  You might discuss the water cycle in conjunction with some of the landforms.  Use the game as a jumping off point to learn more about the amazing surface of our earth.

By the way, memory games are a great replacement for formal tests.  Kids don’t even have to know that you are evaluating them as you play together.

This Landforms Memory Game is part of Layers of Learning Unit 1-6.  You’ll find lots more fun activities for learning all about the Earth and its features in it.Unit 1-6

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