Episode 7: Writer’s Workshop

The Layers of Learning Podcast with Karen and Michelle is here to help you get your whole family learning together in your homeschool.  We are the sisters behind Layers of Learning.   We love getting together to chat about homeschooling and this podcast is just a series of our chats.  We’re inviting you to listen in on our conversations. We both have big families, but we teach almost all of our school subjects to everyone at once, and we want to help you find the joy in that too, so we talk a lot about family homeschooling.  To see all of our episodes, visit our Layers of Learning Podcast Page.  Join us as we explore how to have a happy, hands-on, family-style homeschool.

Writer’s Workshop

A lot of you have asked about Karen’s Writer’s Workshop and what that looks like day-to-day in her homeschool.  In this episode, Karen and Michelle talk about Writer’s Workshop and what it entails.  These are some of the topics you’ll hear about:
  • Organizing your year of Writer’s Workshop using writing genres (Our Layers of Learning Homeschool Planner includes some Writer’s Workshop Printables and Lists.)
  • How to utilize mini-lessons to teach writing rules and improve your kids’ writing
  • Having your whole family participate
  • Taking pieces through the writing process
  • Valuing process over product
  • Writer’s Journals
  • Helping your kids to enjoy writing more
  • Grading writing (This is the grading rubric we mention in the podcast.)
Here’s a link to our Writer’s Workshop Page, where you’ll find some ideas to get you started if you want to implement Writer’s Workshop in your homeschool.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about Writer’s Workshop, we’d love to answer them.  If you want to ask us a question, shoot us an e-mail at contact@layers-of-learning.com or join our Layers of Learning Homeschoolers Facebook Group.  We will answer your questions there or on a future podcast.

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